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Christ Rose Above It All And So Can We!

“What will it matter... what we suffered here if, in the end,

those trials are the very things which qualify us for eternal life

and exaltation in the Kingdom of God with our Father and Savior?”

Sister Linda R. Reeves

I’m excited to be back again the writing arena...I’ve missed it immensely!

For two and a half months Elder Puzey and I have dedicated every minute to our mission, getting to know the people and the role we would play in their lives. It has been so rewarding. I would say the most joyous time of my life! ♥♥♥

I have been desiring ‘one day’ that I could dedicate to journaling our mission experiences here in Fort Wingate, N.M. Then, of course, a blog written to document the learning experiences along the way. Excited that I have got on top of my assignments and can now have a day for the desire of my heart.

I want to go back about 14 days and share a most joyous day for me. I had just accepted the invitation to teach the Relief Society class the next week, while Elder Puzey was volunteering us to speak in Sacrament Meeting whenever they had a need. We had talked about using a Sacrament Meeting opportunity to help get the ‘Come Follow Me’ Program off the ground and into people’s homes.

Of course there was an opening the next Sunday so he accepted. When I realized that I had a lot to prepare for on top of Seminary class, Temple class, Member visits, Family CFM training and feeding the missionaries, I quickly became overwhelmed!

Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t enjoy teaching or giving talks. It’s not aligned with my nature so I was getting very tense....but, only for a few minutes because I remembered that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are there for me, and have been even more so this last year and a half. I was than able to turn my concerns over to Them and felt peace from that moment on.

All assignments came and went without any stress. Peace prevailed!

I wrote my talk and put together my Relief Society lesson with so much passion, I was actually excited and looking forward to give them.

Sunday came and my anxieties never got the best of me, which would be my normal course of action. I was just excited to share the truths I had learned about the CFM Program. ( I love this course of study!!!)

While standing by the Branch Pres. waiting for our Branch members to arrive, he asked me if I would say the opening prayer, I said sure and reminded him that I also was leading the music for another Sister that couldn’t make it....wondering if he would choose another person to give the prayer, but with the reminder, he immediately wrote my name down and we began our Sunday Worship.

It turned out to be pretty much a one-woman show....and I was at peace! I was excited to share and serve.

I was interested in the passion that I had as I talked and as I gave my lesson in the next hour was not me at all! I felt like Heavenly Father had changed me into a new creature! I felt magnified like I never have before and I felt ‘light’!

I had never felt His love and Glory like I felt it that day and I didn’t want to ever lose that feeling! I found that I couldn’t share the feelings I’s hard to find the words and someone that understands. So, like Mary, I have held the experience close to my heart and have pondered the peace, light and glory of it all. It was like waking up and walking into a ‘newness of life’.

Now a week later I have had an experience that took me the opposite’s heavy and hard. One minute I felt like the Spirit was directing me and I was excited to share what was in my heart....only to be misunderstood. I can’t express the hurt and sadness that overwhelmed me and held me in a miserable, dark place for a very long time.

Christ rose above it all and so can we!

There is a beautiful picture that I have hanging on my bedroom wall of Peter, having lost his focus when attempting to walk on water when Jesus bid him to ‘Come’. In the picture, Peter is in the water....when his faith waned, he began to sink and cried out, “Lord, save me.” Immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” (Matthew 14:30-31)

I love this picture.... and hung it with the word ‘peace’ next to it to help me remember the peace that comes when we choose to put our faith in our Savior and focus on Him.

A reminder that when we are drowning in thoughts of doubt and hurt and humiliation, that come from being a part of this world.....Christ holds out his hand and invites us to put our faith in Him and ‘walk on water’.... or.... do that which seems impossible to us at that very moment.

All we have to do is focus on Christ!

“Look unto me in every thought; doubt not fear not.” D&C 6:36

My faith was challenged, my focus changed and I struggled to feel beloved! But, now His Grace has reached out to me and helped me to pull out of the consuming deep and to feel His love and tenderness once more!

I’m remembering last week’s message in the ‘Come Follow Me’ Manual, there was a quote from Sister Linda R. Reeves’ that really spoke to me. She taught, “I do not know why we have the many trials that we have, but it is my personal feeling that the reward is so great, so eternal and everlasting, so joyful and beyond our understanding that in that day of reward, we may feel to say to our merciful, loving Father, ‘Was that all that was required?’ I believe that if we could daily remember and recognize the depth of that love our Heavenly Father and our Savior have for us, we would be willing to do anything to be back in Their presence again, surrounded by Their love eternally. What will it matter... what we suffered here if, in the end, those trials are the very things which qualify us for eternal life and exaltation in the Kingdom of God with our Father and Savior?” Oct. 2015 Conference Address, “Worthy of Our Promised Blessings”

Remember, in a time of trial, Christ Jesus offers us ‘Grace’ - Divine help or strength given to us because of His bounteous mercy and love. An enabling power that lifts us and strengthens us to do good works that we otherwise could not be able to maintain. (See Guide to the Scriptures - Grace) I love the comfort and power that comes with these words!

Trials come, there isn’t a way to avoid them, no matter how good life is at the moment. Always keep your focus on Christ...doubt not, fear not! Turn to Him in all your challenges and then walk in a ‘newness of life’.


We Are Creators!


“Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.” ~ Gordon B. Hinkley

We live in an amazing time of life, I have been watching for and dreaming of this time for a long time. New things await us...we are moving closer to a new millennium. These are days the prophets have foreseen and I am excited to be a part of this age of faith, opportunity and wonder...and yes, JOY! Therefore, our ‘Joyful Journey is the perfect time and experience to embrace our Creators design for us.


Before we can begin this journey, though, we must first do some discovering. We all know that we are a ‘Child of God’, right? But....what does that mean exactly? Who is God? How are we His child? How are we like Him? I also need you to realize Him as your Creator...what does that mean for you...if you truly are His child? What abilities and possibilities does that open to you?

I can’t begin to share with you the answers to all the questions you might have....but, this is where you will want to take some time to discover for yourself what it means to you individually...His child! Without this knowledge, you won’t be able to experience the depth of joy and wonder that is available to you. It’s worth the time you will invest.

For now...think about this,...being spirit children of God our Creator, shouldn’t we, be about our Father’s business? Shouldn’t we follow in His footsteps and go about our divine errand, to carve out the life that will bring His light, into the lives of our dear families and those that share this earth with us?

Do we honor Him and His power of creation? Do we understand that we are literally children of our Creator and that we also have divine powers that will work for us and with us? We have been blessed with so much more than we realize!

As we move closer to the millennium, you will want to take the steps to be who He needs you to be to help during this amazing time in our lives! Honor Him by using your power to see and create the possibilities that have been given to you.


When we open up to the realities of being a creator, we will find opportunities to expand who we are and what we CAN do. Hope will become our best friend, he will be there wherever we the storms of life as well as in the sunny moments.

If you find yourself feeling sad, disappointed, weary, troubled, or disillusioned, it’s time for a new view of what’s real. A new focus will allow you to create something extraordinary, something more fulfilling, something that is eternally significant.

Take all the opportunities that come to use your creative abilities in your own little world. Treasure the gifts and talents that you have been given. Use them to create better thoughts, actions, experiences, conversations and conclusions, not to mention, paintings, music, businesses, products, friends and memories! Anything that our life is in need of at this time. We can dwell on the storms in life or we can turn it into an opportunity where the sun can shine through the darkness and bring joy into the midst of the trial.

When we use our inherited, creative abilities, we will find that life is not drudgery. Our creation flows from love....ours and His. When we understand God’s love and purpose for our life and the challenges that come with it, we can love deeper and we can rejoice in all that comes.

“God left us the world unfinished for man to work his skill upon. He left the electricity in the cloud, the oil in the earth. He left the rivers unbridged and the forests unfelled and the cities unbuilt. God gives to man the challenge of raw materials, not the ease of finished things. He leaves the pictures unpainted and the music unsung and the problems unsolved, that man might know the joys and glories of creation.” ~ Thomas S. Monson

As creators of our lives, there are many opportunities to carve out the lives that will fill the earth, our homes and our relationships with love and serenity. Rejoice in opportunity!



Here is a fun exercise for the week: Take some time to ponder this quote from Gordon B. Hinkley, “Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.”

What images come to mind that can help you use graphics and imagery to change how you view life’s challenges?

Draw your images on the worksheet to the right. Just download and begin to create what is in your heart. Hang it as a visual to remind you to use your creative abilities to bring out the sunlight in troubled times.

Everyone’s ideas and drawings will be different. We want you to show your individuality in creating solutions to your life’s problems and challenges.

Drawing Expectations #2b.png

Have Fun!

Remember, life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!

Love, Jeannie


Joyful Journey 1.png


After celebrating a year of healing on my ‘Journey to Wholeness’, I’m excited to be facing a new year with....yes!....another journey. I’m sure none of you will be surprised to know that I have chosen to go on a ‘Joyful Journey’....So perfect for all of us this year, 2019 is going to be fantastic!!


With the shock of getting a diagnosis of ‘Cancer’ last year, just as I was about to set my goals and desires for the year, I felt like my choices were taken away and I was ‘given’ a uphill road to travel!

Pulled out of my comfort zone into a world I knew nothing about, I felt the need to turn to my Heavenly Father for strength, guidance and healing.

Even though it was a very hard experience, I feel like it turned out to be a very blessed year. I’m grateful for the lessons learned and the relationship that I built with my Savior, Jesus Christ.


This year I wouldn’t want to journey anywhere without my Savior close by my side, so even though it’s a ‘Joyful Journey’.... just know that it will be so because I am inviting the One, that can make All our experiences a JOY!

I want to share with you what I call the JOY Principle. It has helped to change my life and my expectations for my future. This principle is so simple but so profound! It is....that we can’t live or experience the life we really desire if the Lord is not the top priority or focus of all our efforts and experiences along the way.

JOY Principle

J - Jesus First - Jesus Christ is the first person to place our thoughts, focus and desires.

O - Others Second - Other people in our life are blessed when our focus is on Christ.

Y - Yourself Last - You will receive the righteous desires of your heart when you have sought Christ’s help and have desired blessings that will help and lift others.

I am so grateful that I have learned this principle. It has helped me to overcome many challenges. Just by applying simple principles along on this path we will find that we can quickly find the JOY....BLISS....and HAPPINESS that we are seeking.


Take an honest look at the life that you are living at this moment. Is something missing? As I look at my life, I see that it is good and I am happy, but I also see that I can improve. There are areas that need my attention, things I need to do to elevate my efforts and focus. I remember times when there was nothing but chaos in my life and I wasn’t happy and neither was anyone else!

Chaos comes from so many things, our choices, our circumstances, other’s choices, demands, unfulfilled dreams, health concerns, loneliness, whatever is in turmoil, disorder or confusion...that disruption to our progress is CHAOS.

So many of us are actually trying to endure our lives of chaos...hoping that somewhere along the way things will change....and we can finally be happy. We all long for a little joy, peace or happiness to come into our lives, but don’t realize that we can have that happiness and that JOY now!


Journey with me! For I know that you too seek to move out of the chaos that ties you down to confusion and hopelessness...and even darkness; and open up to something truly magical...something that you have hidden inside.

The purpose of mortal life is for all people to have joy..... “Men are that they might have joy.” 2 Nephi 2:25 On this journey we will learn how others have, “....lived after the manner of happiness” 2 Nephi 5:27 You too, can have the JOY you are can be your expectation and your ‘Joyful Journey’.

What are your expectations this year? Bring them with you, let’s take a look at how you can overcome the mountains of fear, doubt, and despair and find the valley of peace, love and joy.


Drawing Expectations #2.png

Here is a fun exercise for the week:

Create your desires by drawing, or doodling your expectations. On the left of your worksheet you will illustrate the chaos you want to overcome and leave behind. On the right, you will illustrate what expectation would you like to reach to feel ‘joyful’ and happy with your life.

Don’t worry about if you can draw or not. Drawing skills are not important at this’s about getting your thoughts and desires out on paper. As be totally successful in our efforts, we need visuals to remind us where we are and where we want to go. Be sure to add in the steps that will get you to your desired expectation.

Only you need to know what the ‘doodles’ represent. Do several if you need, to get the details right, so that you are happy with your visual.

Study the ‘Expectation’ drawing above. Notice the symbols are simple but visually they convey the message I wanted to send out.

What is your ‘Expectation’?

You will want to take some time to think about what the vision of your ‘Expectation’ would be. It will be good to write it all out on the 5 Step VisionMapping Worksheet, first… then visualize it with symbols before you try to create it in imagery.

You will find your worksheets in the column to the right. Just download and Dream BIG!

I’ll be sharing more steps to this exercise with each blog so that you can begin to turn your world around....JOY is just around the corner.


God has BIG plans for you...Let’s do it!

Love, Jeannie

Journey to Bethlehem

Miracles Happen.png


Where there is Hope, there is Faith, where there is Faith....MIRACLES HAPPEN


An invitation was extended, to those who were valiant and fearless, to step out of the ordinary and journey as did the Wise Men of old, to seek out the Christ Child. Our purpose and intent on going on such a journey was to reach a desired destination, a place where we could be brought into the presence of the Son of God.

We began our journey with high hopes of changing our lives and becoming ready and worthy of the desires of our be healed and made whole, to be embraced in His arms and feel His ultimate love for us.

The promise was given that if we chose to sojourn, our lives would be changed forever. I’m sure that many desired to go, but were not prepared to begin. And some began with great hopes, but were pulled in other directions. It is not an easy venture, but we learn and grow as we go, because the trials that come along the way are really opportunities to TRY our faith. Faith is a choice to trust God even when the pathway seems uncertain.


And when we saw the star, we rejoiced with exceeding great joy....for we have been led by the Spirit, to come to this ‘fruitful’ place. And when we heard the carols we were overcome as we humbly beheld the Son of God. With humble hearts we worshiped the Holy Child and presented the sacrifice that we had prepared to offer Him....our hearts.

We rejoice as we find rest for our souls, for His peace now fills our hearts.

Our journey is complete; and we are filled. Our lives are changed forever!


As you know, the end of one journey creates desires to begin another.

The beginning of a New Year is upon us, let us take the opportunity to select a goal or a desire for improvement, and begin anew....another journey. The ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ is always available to join you and be your guide. The steps are in place, the pathway is sure and will bring you to a ‘fruitful’ a destination where dreams become reality and life will never be the same.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland encourages us to journey forward, and shape our future, with these words; “God expects you to have enough faith and determination and enough trust in Him to keep moving, keep living, keep rejoicing. In fact, He expects you not simply to face the future (that sounds pretty grim and stoic); He expects you to embrace and shape the future—to love it and rejoice in it and delight in your opportunities.

“God is anxiously waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as He always has. But He can’t if you don’t pray, and He can’t if you don’t dream. In short, He can’t if you don’t believe” (“Terror, Triumph, and a Wedding Feast” [Brigham Young University fireside, Sept. 12, 2004], 2–3,


If you are interested in going on this personal journey, my ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ workbook will get you going at your own speed.

To Purchase: Look for it under the Art Gallery Tab on this website. Don’t forget to read the WHISPERINGS BLOG entries that go along with this journey.

This Workbook walks you through the simple process that can help you find peace in your life as you apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ to your problems and challenges and then enjoy a life of true joy and happiness.

To those who made the journey, we hope that it was a very ‘fruitful’ journey and that you would now witness to the world something that you learned along the way. I invite you to please post something from your experience that would bless the life of another. I realize it is a very personal experience, so just post the part that would encourage another to have the experience they need to shape their future. Thank You!!

Let’s just BELIEVE!

Faith doesn’t make sense. It makes MIRACLES!!

Until next time,

Love Jeannie

Destination - Bethlehem

Step 6 Desitnation.png

Are We Ready To Receive Him As Our Lord And Savior?


The crowds were beginning to swell in the little town of Bethlehem by the time Joseph, Mary arrived to fulfill their civic obligation.

Because of this gathering crowd, Joseph and Mary weren’t able to find the accommodations that Joseph would have desired for Mary, being great with child. There was no room for them in the inn, so they had to be content with the conditions in a humble stable.

It was while she was in this situation that Mary, gave birth to her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger.

“And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. “

Luke 2:14

Though King of kings, The Son of the Highest, The Only Begotten of the Eternal Father, Jesus the Christ.....was born in a humble stable.

“And an angel voiced to the shepherds abiding in the hills, “Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord”. Luke 2:11

“Oh Come, Let Us Adore Him!”


Interesting that the words to this song of Joy, is ringing so loudly in our heart and this very moment.

Through our journey we have come to know the reality of His birth and the blessings that can flow into our lives. Joy comes when we embrace His love and put our faith in His miraculous birth, His life’s purpose, and His mission to save us from all our sin and sorrow.

Let’s embrace ‘..the glories of His righteousness, and wonders of His love’!

Joy to the World

Joy to the world! the Lord is come;

Let earth receive her King;

Let every heart prepare him room,

And heaven and nature sing,

And heaven and nature sing,

And heaven, and heaven, and nature sing.

Joy to the world! the Saviour reigns;

Let men their songs employ;

While fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains

Repeat the sounding joy,

Repeat the sounding joy,

Repeat, repeat the sounding joy.

No more let sins and sorrows grow,

Nor thorns infest the ground;

He comes to make His blessings flow

Far as the curse is found,

Far as the curse is found,

Far as, far as, the curse is found.

He rules the world with truth and grace,

And makes the nations prove

The glories of His righteousness,

And wonders of His love,

And wonders of His love,

And wonders, wonders, of His love.

Come, rejoice and find rest for your souls and allow His peace to fill your heart!


This Christmas season is an appropriate time to contemplate the health of our spiritual heart. Have we truly developed a heart of sacrifice, centered in our hope in and love for, Jesus Christ? We have all experienced challenges in striving to reach our desires on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ and sacrificing for that desire. This journey has created the experience that hopefully has brought a change to our heart. This is our moment to receive him as our Lord and Savior!

We have come a long way on our journey to arrive at the place where the Savior dwells....just in time to celebrate a truly heart felt Christmas with our families and our loved ones. I trust that our hearts are full, from our experiences and sacrifices as we have journeyed to this....our destination....our ‘Bethlehem’, where we can now witness to the world, the Lord’s presence in our lives.

Find room in your hearts for the wonder of His love and the glories of His righteousness....and then we can join “...all heaven and nature sing[ing].....Joy to the World”!

Focus on your heart right you feel Him? Do you understand more fully, the ‘wonders of His love’?


Because of your desire to go on this journey and make inspired changes to your life, this Christmas season can seem very emotional because of the fullness your heart is now feeling. You will feel blessed with the Spirit of the season, which is PEACE. You will experience the Gladness of the season, which is HOPE. And you will be touched with the Heart of the season, which is LOVE.

This is the ‘Miracle of Christmas’...the miracle that comes when we journey with our heart and intent focused on Christ. The miracle of life and light that He brought into the world that beautiful starlit night.

“Oh Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining, it is the night of our dear Saviors birth!”

“And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of Him, this is the testimony last of all which we give of Him: that he lives!” D&C 76:22


With the end of this amazing journey, we can look forward to a new journey. For with the dreams in our hearts, another journey is born. Embrace it and continue to journey to the light and life Jesus Christ offers!

“No more let sins and sorrows grow, Nor thorns infest the ground;

He comes to make His blessings flow, Far as the curse is found,”

~Joy To The World


1 - On your Journal Page, write down the tender feelings that are filling your heart...feel the wonders, of His love and try to preserve those feelings by writing them down. How does it feel to have the desires of your heart fulfilled? How does it feel to know that your Savior is there to fill your heart with peace and love and give you hope and the strength to create a new life?

Maybe your journey took you a different direction....ofttimes that’s even better! Did that new direction fulfill an even higher desire or purpose?

2 - Write in your ‘Sacred Journal’ a letter to Heavenly Father. Share with Him the thoughts and feelings that are swelling in your heart, the feelings you want to witness to the world.

This is also a good time to begin your ponderings on a new journey, something that will elevate life for you and your family. What dreams do you have hidden in your heart, that will take you on a new journey to a new world?

May the ‘Miracle of Christmas’ fill your heart with joy!

Merry Christmas,

Love, Jeannie

Destination - Bethlehem, Where You Come To Know Your Savior

Destination Bethlehem - step 6.png

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:14


“Lift up your head and be of good cheer; for behold, the time is at hand, and on this night shall the sign be given, and on the morrow come I into the world, to show unto the world that I will fulfil all that which I have caused to be spoken by the mouth of my holy prophets.” 3 Nephi 1:13

“And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.” Luke 2:7

Christ our Savior is born!!

With the news of the Saviors birth, the Wise Men began their journey to find the truth of this miraculous event. You and I also began our divine errand to ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ to witness the presence of the Son of God, in our lives. We have taken opportunities for repentance...for changing our lives and overcoming all that is not light. It has been a long and difficult journey, but, for most, it has become most meaningful, even a season of enlightenment.


The name Bethlehem means a house of bread or it is also called Ephrath, fruitful place. Christ, the Bread of Life, was born in the house of bread and placed in a manger there. Our ‘Bethlehem’ is a place where we will be fed, replenished and filled...beyond anything we could ever imagine.

Our journey began with our desires....our perceived needs in mind. That desire or destination sent us on a journey to find that which we hoped would solve our problems and make our hearts happy and joyful. But, we don’t always know where our course will take is the actual beginning....the stepping out of our comfort zone, that is important....then we just follow the light.

We understand that everything happens for a reason, but we can’t always know the reason when the journey begins.

We wanted to travel to ‘Bethlehem’ the place where we could find the answers to our challenges, our struggles and our need to be whole.


“Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us.” Luke 2:15

Imagine the thrill of the Wise Men when they finally came to the place where the Savior was! They were finally able to know for themselves the reality of the Son Of God! They worshiped Him and present to Him....their precious gifts.

Our destination, our ‘Bethlehem’ is a place where we too will come to know Jesus Christ. It can happen anywhere, but our ‘Bethlehem’...the fruitful place, is the place where we discover the Savior and His everlasting love for each who travel there.

This is the event we have all been anticipating, as we have come to the end of this journey. It is the time that, through our sacrifices, we have been brought to where He is...and we found joy and peace, the peace that comes to our hearts because Christ came into the world.

Jesus is the gift, that we have been seeking, it is a gift that perfectly fits the size of every heart....every need....and we worship Him. With pure hearts, we present the gifts and sacrifices that we have lovingly and conscientiously prepared, as our ultimate offering....for Him. For it is only in our pure hearts that Christ can be born again....He comes to life in each and every pure heart.

Let every heart prepare him room....let earth receive her King!


“In these precious moments we realize what we feel and know in our heart - that Christmas is really about the Christ.” Thomas S. Monson

Because of the things we have experienced on our ‘Journey to Bethlehem’, we now know, more fully, what the birth of our Savior means to us, and for us. The celebration of Christmas is indeed for the birth of the Son of God....but it is also a celebration for His life, His ministry and His death. It is His whole life’s divine purpose and mission that makes Christmas the holiest of all seasons.

Because of Him, we live and will live. Because of Him, all who desire will find light. Because of Him, all who seek with pure intent will find God. And those who walk with God will always reach their destination!

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

In teaching us about the Christ’s birth, our most recent Prophet, Russell M. Nelson helped us to open our minds to the big picture, when he said; “Remember that the fullness of Christ’s ministry lies in the future. The prophecies of His Second Coming have yet to be fulfilled. At Christmas, of course, we focus upon His birth. But, He will come again. At His First Coming Jesus came almost in secret. Only a few mortals knew of His birth. At His Second Coming the whole of humankind will know of His return. Then He will come, not as “a man traveling on the earth,” but His glory “shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.” Elder Russell M. Nelson, Devotional address given at Brigham Young University on December 10, 2002.

Jesus is the hope of our world. He isn’t just the reason for the season. He is the heart of every Christmas and the reason for every day of our life.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men”. Luke 2:14


1 - On your Journal Page, write down the feelings in your heart that will best describe how you felt when the Spirit of Christ touched your heart and you knew that He is the Christ. Have you felt the peace and joy that only He can bring?

2 - Write in your ‘Sacred Journal’ a letter to Heavenly Father. This has been a very enlightening experience. Share your deepest feelings with your Father who brought you to this ‘fruitful’ place.

3 - Share briefly your testimony on #6 to complete your Bethlehem Map.

4 - I invite you to share, in the comment section of this Whisperings Blog, your thoughts and feelings about any experience you have had as you travel along on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. We would all love to be inspired by your experience.

Christ our Savior is born!!

Merry Christmas!

Love always, Jeannie

The Star - Divine Direction

The Star, Divine Direction Step 5 Cont.png

“Even the Wise Men of the Earth Must Follow Divine Direction.” J. Leo Fairbanks


The star that led the Wise Men to the Savior was the Star of Bethlehem. It is also a symbol of the light that came into the world with the birth of our Savior.

Piercing the darkness, the Star of Bethlehem stood above all nations, far above.....untouched by anything of this world. Christ, the life and light of the world, is like that star.

Heavenly Father prepared this bright star to be our guide, the Savior is given to us to be the divine direction we need in our lives.

“And that which doth not edify is not of God, and is darkness. That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day. And verily I say unto you, and I say it that you may know the truth, that you may chase darkness from among you;” D&C 50: 23-25

Consider the darkness that could be dwelling within you. The Savior is here to guide you and give you needed strength to overcome the darkness and receive His light. His light guides wise men and wise women to their promised that which they most desire, where they can behold for themselves the greatest star, the Son.


In the Book of Mormon, we read that the night before His birth, the voice of the Savior declared: “ of good cheer; for behold, the time is at hand, and on this night shall the sign be given, and on the morrow come I into the world, to show unto the world that I will fulfill all that which I have caused to be spoken by the mouth of my holy prophets” 3 Ne. 1:13.

We no longer watch for the sign of the Savior’s birth in mortality. But our need to seek the ‘Light of the world’ has never been more urgent.

The Saviors life and teachings are like a light that shines in a dark world. He has marked the path and if we watch, He leads the way....we will rejoice when we discover it. Know that when we take heed and follow that light, the Light of Christ that is in you from birth will grow and Heavenly Father will bless you with more light.


We have come to the most important part of our journey. You have probably noticed, little proddings and enlightenments along the way, that reflect a light on your weaknesses, sins and inadequacies. We don’t like that it keeps showing’s adding to the difficulty of the journey! Don’t turn your back on it but, allow the light to illuminate that which needs changed, repented of, or healed....for you will never reach your destination if you neglect the light and direction He is sending.

On this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’, we have traveled far and we have pondered our desires, we have chosen our gift, our offering, and have even tried to execute that chosen sacrifice, but seems like we have come to a standstill. The scenery never seems to change, we travel days at a time, but it seems we are getting nowhere. It feels like we could wander in this wilderness forever. We need direction and light to aid us so that we can quickly arrive at our desired destination....we want more than ever to see with our own eyes, the Christ Child, the Son of God, to know that He lives.

As we grow closer to our destination it’s becoming paramount that we see and overcome all that is keeping us from a ‘pure heart’....that which allows us to dwell in the presence of the Son of God.

Seek the light for it is only with the help of our Savior that we can overcome darkness and become purified enough for Him to dwell within.


“I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things... I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.” Revelation 22:16

As we focus on the light, ‘the bright and morning star’, the promptings and enlightenments will help us to see with more clarity the changes that are needed to be made in our lives. Our desires can be granted and we can come into the presence of the Lord. Remember it is when we desire a pure heart and make the little changes that help us to overcome who we have been, that we will be able to take the steps to become as He is.

As we overcome the darkness and become filled with His light, ‘The light of Christ’ can grow so bright within you that the day star, the “bright and morning star,” can arise in your heart....for you truly have a pure heart!

Heavenly Father prepared this bright star to be our guide, the Savior is given to us to be the divine direction we need in our the Star of Bethlehem! Become like the Wise Men and follow that star!


1 - The challenge is to become like the Wise Men and seek the desires of your heart by following the ‘Light’ within and overcome the darkness that keeps you from your desires. On your ‘Journal Page’ write down the inspirations and directions that have come to you and how you have implemented those directions into your journey. Have you come to see the darkness that is within? Were you able to replace it with the ‘Light of Christ’ so that you can begin to feel the purifying begin in your heart? Do you feel purified enough for Him to dwell within?

2 - Write in your ‘Sacred Journal’ a letter to Heavenly Father, communicate to Him your thoughts and feelings. What have you experienced that has brought you closer to being in the presence of the Son of God and to become His witness to the world?

Continue to write anything that comes into your heart that you would like to share with Him.

3 - On your Journey To Bethlehem Map, summarize the divine direction you have received that has inspired you the most.

4 - I invite you to share, in the comment section of this Whisperings Blog, your thoughts and feelings about any experience you have had as you travel along on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. We would all love to be inspired by your experience.

Find the ‘Journal Page’, the ‘Journey to Bethlehem Map’, and ‘Sacred Journal Page’ under ‘Journey’ in the navigator tabs.

I witness to you that Christ is the life and the light of this world, and pray that we can all receive His light and become as He is!

From my heart to yours, Love Jeannie


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When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy


In the Book of Mormon, Samuel the Lamanite stood upon the city wall and proclaimed: “And behold, this will I give unto you for a sign at the time of his coming; … there shall be one day and a night and a day, as if it were one day and there were no night; … for ye shall know of the rising of the sun and also of its setting; … nevertheless the night shall not be darkened; and it shall be the night before he is born.

And behold, there shall a new star arise, such an one as ye never have beheld; and this also shall be a sign unto you.’ (Hel. 14:3–5)

The Wise Men knew of the birth of the Savior because they saw a new star in the East. That bright star became their guide:

“and lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was.”

The Wise Men found the Christ Child because Heavenly Father had prepared for them a star, a new light in the heavens to guide them. They watched and searched and followed the star.

How did the Wise Men know to follow the star.....or know where to go by looking at a star?

How will we know where to go to reach our destination? Who or what will guide us through the wilderness?


A loving Heavenly Father provided a beacon of light in a darkened sky - the Star of Bethlehem - to herald His son’s sacred birth. Those who had eyes to see and hearts to understand watched for that star with eager anticipation and sought their Savior when the sign was given.

The Wise Men found the Christ Child because Heavenly Father had prepared a star, a new light in the heavens to guide them. They watched and searched and followed the star.

The Book of Mormon indicates that the new star was accompanied by a tremendous brightness in the heavens which made the night appear as day. (See Hel. 14:2-6 and 3 Nephi 1:15 -21)

A star shone in heaven beyond all the other stars, and its light was inexpressible, and its novelty struck terror into men’s minds. All the rest of the stars, together with the sun and moon, were the chorus to this star; it sent out its light exceedingly above them all. “And men began to be troubled to think whence this new star came so unlike to all the others.” (Ignatius to the Ephesians 4:11-12, The Lost Books of the Bible.)


The Wise Men traveled far to follow the new star. It was an especially long journey for them, as it has been a long journey for us. We don’t know everything about how they came to go on this journey, but we know that their intent or motivation was to find the Christ Child and worship Him.

When we have a divine purpose or intent, as they did, one that comes from the heart, because we know it can be life changing,....we will find it easier to embrace and endure the hardships and discouragements that come with the journey.

The Wise Men saw the star and traveled west to Judea. I’m sure it was disappointing when they thought they had found the right place and entered Jerusalem and began to inquire, “Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him” (Matt. 2:2).

News of their inquiries concerning a king reached Herod, and he sent for them. After talking to the King, the Wise Men knew that he was not the king they sought and they left, continuing to followed the star.... searching, until they reached Jesus, and presented their gifts to Him.

They didn’t give up! Their purpose and journey was important!

“And behold, there shall a new star arise, such an one as ye never have beheld; and this also shall be a sign unto YOU!’ (Helaman 14:3–5)

Become one of those who had eyes to see and hearts to understand. Watch for that star, that light in the heavens, to guide you with eager anticipation.

Continue in your journey, follow the light and truth that is available to you!

Like the Wise Men, you will be led to your destination


1 - On your Journal Page, write down any divine direction or whisperings that has come to you. How did you follow it’s light?

2 - Write in your ‘Sacred Journal’ a letter to Heavenly Father, share your concerns and allow Him to inspire and guide you to know how to reach your destination. Follow those promptings!

Continue to write anything that comes into your heart that you would like to share with Him.

3 - I invite you to share, in the comment section of this Whisperings Blog, your thoughts and feelings about any experience you have had as you travel along on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. We would all love to be inspired by your experience.

Find the Journal Page, the Journey to Bethlehem Map, and Sacred Journal Page under ‘Journey’ in the navigator tabs.

Seek your Savior and allow His bright light to be your guide.

Love always, Jeannie


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When we walk with the spirit of gratitude in our hearts, it will bless our lives. We are then walking on higher ground....we are walking with Christ.

“In every age we are faced with a choice, We can trust in our own strength, or we can journey to higher ground and come unto Christ.” ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin

On your ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ incredible events will be experienced along the way. What you see, dwell on and are grateful for will increase as you give glory to God for each life change, event and tender mercy.

Do you see the hand of the Lord in your life?

Celebrate each moment that comes and know that it comes from Him who gives us all. True worship includes being aware of the blessings offered. Do you see his hand in what you are experiencing and accomplishing? Have you received all that He offers?


President Thomas S. Monson, shared an account from the Book of Matthew in the Bible, it is my favorite account of gratitude, this is an occasion where Christ expressed gratitude to His Father. President Monson related it this way, “As [Jesus] traveled in the wilderness for three days, more than 4,000 people followed him and traveled with Him. He took compassion on them for they had not eaten during the entire three days.

His disciples, however, questioned when should we have so much bread in the wilderness as to feed so great a multitude? Like many of us the disciples saw only what was lacking. And Jesus saith unto them, how many loaves have ye? And the disciples said seven and a few little fishes.

And Jesus commanded the multitude, so sit down on the ground. And he took the seven loaves and the fishes and gave thanks and brake them and gave to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitudes.

Notice that the Savior gave thanks for what they had. And a miracle followed. And they did all eat and were filled. And they took up all the broken meat that was left, seven baskets full.”

Because Jesus gave thanks for what they had, even though it was obviously not enough, 4,000 people were able to eat until they were filled. Notice that there was meat left over, the same amount that they started out with. They were blessed with enough and some to spare.

We’ve all experienced times when our focus is on what we lack rather than on our blessings. Said the Greek philosopher, Epictetus, “He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”


Gratitude is a divine principle. The Lord declared through a revelation given to the Prophet Joseph, “Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things. And in nothing doth man offend God. Or against none is His wrath kindled save those who confess not his hand in all things.”

Power comes into our lives when we focus upward to Christ and have developed abilities to see what our Father wishes us to see. If we remain stuck in sadness anger or bitterness caused by past events, we forfeit the light that could lead us forward.

Think through your day...can you see evidence of what God has done for you or someone you love? It’s so easy to get caught up in the events of our day that we might not see His hand in our life. Hopefully we recognize each blessing and ‘gift’ as evidence that He is wanting us to know that He knows you and He knows your needs....and is taking care of you.

Gratitude requires an awareness of what is around us, we need not only to feel it but we also need to express it.

“I have found that, rather than dwelling on the negative, if we will take a step back and consider the blessings in our lives, including seemingly small, sometimes overlooked blessings, we can find greater happiness.” ~ Thomas S. Monson

Great men have always recognized the greatness of God and their dependence upon Him, and they have with regularity rendered to Him gratitude and thanksgiving. ~ Marion G. Romney

Do you see his hand in what you are experiencing and accomplishing? Have you received all that He offers?


1 - One way to remember what we are grateful for, as well as the goodness of God, is to write it down. On your Journal Page, write down the moments that you saw the hand of the Lord in your life. Find ways to recognize and remember God’s kindness.

2 - Write in your ‘Sacred Journal’ a letter to Heavenly Father giving thanks for your blessings. You might pray and ponder on these questions, ‘Did God send a message that was just for me...through a blessing or tender mercy? Did I see His hand in my life? Write out the thoughts that come. Watch this week for those messages.....what is He telling you? Give thanks for the miracles that have come.

Continue to write anything that comes into your heart that you would like to share with Him.

3 - I invite you to share, in the comment section of this Whisperings Blog, your thoughts and feelings about any experience you have had as you travel along on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. We would all love to be inspired by your experience.

Find the Journal Page, the Journey to Bethlehem Map, and Sacred Journal Page under ‘Journey’ in the navigator tabs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Choose the Higher Way and Live in Gratitude!

Love, Jeannie


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If I don’t make the sacrifice for what I want, then what I want will be the sacrifice!


Wise Men honored the Christ child with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Those small but costly items were probably obtained at some sacrifice by each of the Wise Men.

The idea behind the Wise Men’s gifts was their sacrifice, not just in terms of value given freely, but also in terms of the significant amount of their time their journey took to seek and visit the Christ Child.

“Like the Wise Men, who sought the Christ child and offered Him gifts, we too should seek Jesus and lay before Him our most precious gifts—a broken heart and a contrite spirit, our love, and our willingness to take upon ourselves His name and walk the path of discipleship. … We follow Him as we remember Him always, emulate His example, and go about doing good. … He offers the gift of salvation to all of God’s children.” Elder David A. Bednar


Think of Abraham and the love and faith he had for God. How was he able to walk with Isaac for 3 days, knowing that the purpose of their journey to Mt Moriah was to do Father’s will and sacrifice his only son.....the son he and Sarah waited so long for?

Obedient to his Father’s will, with Isaac on the alter, Abraham, with heavy heart, was posed ready to invest all that he had! Then came the blessing from Angel of the Lord stopped him, saying, “Abraham … lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me.” See Genesis 22:1–14.

Abraham must have been overcome with joy when he was no longer required to sacrifice his son. But he loved the Lord so much that he was willing to do anything the Lord asked.

‘You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make.’ - Gordon B. Hinkley


We may not be asked to sacrifice all we have. But like Abraham, we should be willing to sacrifice anything.

Only through making our heartfelt sacrifice in this life can we enjoy eternal life with our Heavenly Father. Many who have lived before us have sacrificed all they had. We must be willing to do the same if we would earn the rich reward they enjoy.

What are you willing to give away to come to know your be in His presence?

Will you......can you......sacrifice your will, your time, love, comfort, pride, worldly desires, your wealth, your physical and emotional needs, to be in His presence?

The things we cling to are the things we most need to let go.

“And ye shall offer for a sacrifice unto me a broken heart and a contrite spirit.” 3 Ne. 9:20.


Sacrifices aren’t given or made, with out something in return. Our sacrifices will bring forth the blessings of heaven. Blessings will come when we offer our heart felt sacrifice.

Just like Abraham’s story....what is sacrificed returns magnified. Abraham received an abundant posterity because of his willingness to sacrifice his will, his desires, to do the Fathers’ will.

Think back through the years, what blessings have come to you or your family because you were willing to do Father’s will in the thing you were faced with?

When we are willing to give our all and sacrifice what we are holding on to, the Savior promises blessings and abundance—not in the monetary sense but rather the abundance of a full, happy life that comes from being able to recognize the good in this world, see the Lord’s hand in our lives, and know His will for us.

Christ came into the world, “that [we] might have life, and … have it more abundantly” John 10:10.


The Wise Men who came from afar to worship the Christ child did not offer gifts of greater meaning than those we can unselfishly give from the heart. What is a gift you could offer from your heart?

What can I give Him, Poor as I am?

If I were a shepherd I would bring a lamb.

If I were a Wise Man I would do my part,

Yet what can I give Him?

Give my heart.

~ Christina Georgina Rossetti

Our ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ requires one gift that we could offer to the King of Kings.

If you had only one gift that you could give, what would it be, and who could you give it to?


1 - On your Journal page, take some time to think about the one gift that you are willing to give or sacrifice to be in the presence of God. Allow inspiration to come that will help you to know in your heart an appropriate sacrifice for the desires that you are seeking.

You will want it to be an ultimate tribute or sacrifice, not costly but, from the heart. Write in down.

2- Write in your ‘Sacred Journal’ the thoughts and feelings that are going though your mind at this moment. Share the feelings that came into your heart when you were reminded of Abraham’s sacrifice, did you feel it was more than your faith could handle? Or could his example strengthen you to make your ultimate sacrifice? Trust in the Lord , He can enable you to move forward and take this big step.

Write anything that comes into your heart that you would like to share with Him.

3- On your ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ Map, on the space for #3 Gift for the King, you can write out your summary of the gift or tribute that you are willing to offer or present to the King of Kings when you get to your ‘Bethlehem’.

4- I invite you to share, in the comment section of this Whisperings Blog, your thoughts and feelings about any experience you have had as you travel along on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. We would all love to be inspired by your experience.

Find the Journal Page, the Journey to Bethlehem Map, and Sacred Journal Page under ‘Journey’ in the navigator tabs.

Take courage and be led by the dreams in your heart!

Love, Jeannie

Our Gift for the King

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“How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him?” Jeffrey R. Holland


Our ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ is providing an awareness of God. As we walk along our path, we are coming to know the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ on a more personal level. What a blessing it is to understand more fully our Savior who bestowed upon all of us, His gift of love, a gift that we do not deserve but is so precious, it’s a gift of Grace.

During Christ’s life, He chose to experience pain and affliction, sorrow and rejection to understand us. is our moment, our choice, to also experience the pain and affliction of this life in order to understand Him and the eternal purposes He has designed for us.

Because of the sacrifice of our beloved Redeemer, we can change. Through His Atonement we can OVERCOME sin and iniquity, we are enabled with power and strength to achieve things that would, otherwise, be far beyond our reach.

Because our Savior was willing to do the Father’s will and give us this redeeming gift so we could return back to our Father, we too, can honor Father’s will and sacrifice something valuable and precious to receive the miracles which we seek....the desires of our hearts.

With Christ as our example, what we can we sacrifice?


What gift or tribute are you willing to offer?

Remember the Wise men and the valuable gifts that were their sacrifice for the King.

The Magi came to Jerusalem seeking the newborn King of Israel and did not find Him. They were directed to Bethlehem to continue to search for Jesus there. Once they located the Christ Child, they presented to Joseph and Mary gifts, to worship and celebrate the birth of the King.

The value in their gifts, was the message that each one conveyed about Jesus. The gold represented the fact that Jesus was royal. The frankincense supported the claim that Jesus is divine and the myrrh was for the mortality of Jesus.

What would be the message in our sacrifice to Him, in return for all He has given us?

To sacrifice infers that we give up something valuable or precious with the intent of accomplishing or discovering something of a much greater worth. At times we might be required to sacrifice things temporal, emotional, demanding or even challenging. Anything that keeps us tied or holds us back from receiving that which we seek.

“Through our sacrifice and God’s Grace, we receive an endowment of strength by which we grow from the flawed and limited beings we are now into exalted beings of ‘truth and light’, until we are glorified in truth and know all things.” -’The Gift of Grace’ - Dieter F. Uchtdorf


Let’s take a moment now to think about our sacrifice, what could we possible sacrifice that would convey the message we have in our heart? What would show a broken heart and a contrite spirit? What would we offer that would bring about a softening of our hearts and would turn us to God and His will for us?

Sacrifice is ultimately a matter of the heart. “Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind....” D&C 64:34.

Could we unselfishly give from the heart....give all that we have been given, including our will?

Some amazing examples of sacrifice are from our Mormon pioneers. Their epic sacrifices of lives, family relationships, homes, and comforts are at the foundation of the restored gospel. Sarah Rich spoke about the motivation of these pioneers when she described her concerns when her husband Charles was called away on a mission; “This truly was a trying time for me as well as for my husband; but duty called us to part for a season and knowing that we [were] obeying the will of the Lord, we felt to sacrifice our own feelings in order to help establish the work … of helping to build up the Kingdom of God on earth.” Women of Faith in the Latter Days: Volume 1, 1775–1820 (2011), 283.


Elder Neal A. Maxwell shared with us that; “The submission of one’s will is really the only uniquely personal thing we have to place on God’s altar. The many other things we ‘give’ … are actually the things He has already given or loaned to us.” ‘Swallowed Up in the Will of the Father,’ Ensign, Nov. 1995, 24.

The miracles we desire, can not come to us without a sacrifice, without our being willing to give up something that we’ve been holding on to and sacrifice it for something of deeper and lasting value.

If we wish to know the Savior, we must be willing to give up the things of the world and offer to the Lord a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Submitting our will and giving from the heart is not to be taken lightly. We need to think about our ultimate sacrifice, what gift are you willing to give to the Lord, what gift would come from your heart?

“The Lord knows you. He knows your heart and is pleased with your sacrifice. He smiles upon you each day. He will uphold you and prepare the way for you He will send His angels before you. You will feel their presence. And with the help of heaven, your talents will be multiplied.”- Dieter F. Uctdorf


1 - On your Journal page, write the thoughts you are considering to determine your sacrifice...your offering. What gift or tribute are you willing to offer? Ponder on it for this week. You will want it to be an ultimate tribute or sacrifice...from the heart. Next week we will talk about the blessings that will come when we offer our heart felt sacrifice.

2- Again this week write in your ‘Sacred Journal’. I hope you have found this time with your Heavenly Father very inspirational. Continue writing anything that comes into your heart that you would like to share with Him. Allow inspiration to come that will direct your thoughts and help you know, in your heart, an appropriate sacrifice for the desires that you are seeking.

~ Don’t forget to respond to your letter, allowing the Lord to enlighten your mind with the things He would like to impress upon your mind.

3- I invite you to share, in the comment section of this Whisperings Blog, your thoughts and feelings about any experience you have had as you travel along on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. We would all love to be inspired by your experience.

Find the Journal Page, Journey to Bethlehem Map, and Sacred Journal page under ‘Journey’ in the navigator tabs.

Remember, it was not intended to be easy!

Love, Jeannie


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“The Son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God.” C.S. Lewis


We have journeyed for many days and it has been fruitful in that we know our destination. A place where we have desired to go....a place where we can behold the Son of God.

This path does not lead backward; it leads upward. It leads to heights we can scarcely comprehend! Do you have a hearts desire to change? To change from our worldly and fallen state, to a state of righteousness? Do you desire to be redeemed of God and become His son or daughter?

My heart races whenever I think of having Him near....of knowing that He is. Imagine the Awe and wonder of these uplifting and changing moments!

As we travel along, we will feel His closeness as we continue to learn of His love and the Sacrifice that He has made for us because of that love. God will pour out blessings of power and strength, enabling us to achieve things that are beyond our ability to obtain.


It is by His Grace that we, His children, can overcome the pull of Satan’s enticings. As we are enabled to rise above sin and weakness, we BECOME perfected in Christ. Though we all have weaknesses, we can overcome them. Through faith in Gods plan and His gift of Grace, we can humble ourselves and that which is weak will become strong!

As we travel to our desired destination, we will encounter the mountains of opposition that will continually come into our path and the stumbling blocks that will trip us up and make our journey more challenging. But, gratefully we don’t have to endure it on our own....we don’t have to journey without Him there. Our faith is allowing Him to walk beside us, to lift us up when we fall and to help us climb the steep places. Empowered by His Atoning love....His Grace, we will be successful on this journey.

Throughout this journey, God’s grace will bestow temporal blessings and spiritual gifts that magnify our abilities and enrich our lives. His Grace refines us and helps us to BECOME our best selves.

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16


Do we understand that we are in debt to our Heavenly Father and need to come to Him in humility and with grateful hearts to receive the Grace He has to offer?

As we travel the distance, we will have time to think about what is in our hearts, we can become more aware of the magnificence of His eternal love and come to know that the Grace of God is our great and everlasting hope!

Repentance is a change of heart that will allow a fresh attitude toward God, ourself and life to come more fully into our being. Search deep there a change in your mind and heart? Is your heart yearning to turn from earthly and evil desires toward God’s will? Are your desires to BECOME become like the Father and His Son?


A BECOMING is what we are seeking. A BECOMING of who He is and what He desires for us.

When we understand who we are and who we may BECOME, the full meaning of life and the purpose for this journey will unfold to us. The purpose of our lives will have more significance and we will find the joy we are seeking, the joy our Father sent us here to experience!

Our ‘Journey to Bethlehem’, to seek the Son of God, will require us to come to know Him more fully, to feel of His love and take inspired steps to BECOME as He is.

“Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am.”

3 Nephi 27:27

To help us as we progress toward the Father, the Lord gave us this promise: “Every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me, and calleth on my name, and obeyeth my voice, and keepeth my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am.” D&C 93:1

I think about King Benjamin’s great sermon, where many of his hearers cried out that the Spirit of the Lord “....has wrought a mighty change in us, or in our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually.” Mosiah 5:2

Worthiness is essential to BECOMING like Him, if we are losing our desire to do evil, we are making that ‘mighty change’ and BECOMING, through the Grace and love of God. The Atonement of Jesus Christ allows us to make the progress needed to get to our destination. With this enabling power, we ‘change’, we begin to see things as our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ see them. We hear His voice instead of the voice of the world, and we are willing to do things His way instead of by the ways of the world.


Christ’s Atonement not only provides forgiveness from sin and victory over death, it also redeems imperfect relationships, heals our emotional wounds, and empowers us to do that which is hard. Through our faith in His atoning sacrifice, the Atonement or Grace of God cleanses, strengthens and enables each of us to develop many of the attributes that define Christ.

Mormon taught, “Pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, … that ye may become the sons [and daughters] of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him.” Moroni 7:48.

Trying to understand God’s gift of Grace with all our heart and mind gives us all the more reason to love and obey our Father in Heaven with meekness and gratitude. Our ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ will refine us, it will improve us, it will help us BECOME more like Him. This love of God will bring about ‘a mighty change in us.....that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually’.

His Grace is sufficient...because His Love never runs out!


1 - On your Journal page, write out the thoughts you have, as you consider the Atonement of can you apply it as you endeavor to become like God?

2- Also this week write in your ‘Sacred Journal’. Write a letter to your Heavenly Father. Share your desires to have Him empower you to move forward and take the inspired steps to BECOME as He is.

- Respond to your letter, allowing the Lord to enlighten your mind with the things He would like you to understand.

3 - On your ‘Journey to Bethlehem Map’ write the healing and enabling blessings that you are needing from God’s Gift of Grace, at this moment in time.

4- I invite you to share in the comment section of this Whisperings Blog, your thoughts and feelings about any experience you have had with the Grace of God, how have you been enabled to OVERCOME and BECOME strong in making your desired changes. We would all love to be inspired by your experience.

Find the Journal Page, Journey to Bethlehem Map, and Sacred Journal page under ‘Journey’ in the navigator tabs.

Your faith can move mountains...Your doubt can create them.

Trust in the Lord!

Love, Jeannie


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His Gift of Grace

The Wisemen were men of God who studied the words of the prophets.

They knew the signs of the birth of the Savior, “he that is born King of the Jews.”

When they saw “his star in the east” they came seeking him to worship Him.

See Matthew 2


By now, we have all chosen our desired destination, something our heart needs from this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. It’s comforting to know that our desires are in-line with the will of God and that we will journey with Him by our side.

Know that your ‘need’, whatever you have chosen for your desired destination, can be realized when you understand God’s Grace more fully. We need to know more about God’s grace if we intend to inherit what He has prepared for us in His Eternal Kingdom. We need to know more about the most glorious event in the history of the event that changed everything for everyone. On that day life changed....yours and mine! Our destiny was changed!

Because of the sacrifice of our beloved Redeemer and Savior, the One we are seeking, we can live again and we can be freed from Satan’s power. We must never lose our sense of awe and profound gratitude for the eternal sacrifice of the Son of God. He came into this world, born in a lowly stable, with the purpose and intent of making a sacrifice for each one of us. His purpose was to bring salvation to anyone who would believe on His name.


There has never been a greater love than the love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior. Without a Savior to redeem and reform us, there is little hope of reaching our desired destination.

When we take the proper steps to come to know our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ, their love for us and the gifts they offer will empower us and direct us along the way...we cannot do it without Them. It is very important, for this journey, that we all come to know God for it is through Grace and the love of God that our desired blessings come.

A full measure of His Grace will come with complete and deep repentance. We have all made mistakes and are in need of repentance....or change. It is through our sorrow and suffering that we gain the light that we have come to acquire.

Know there will be opposition along the way, we will encounter it in many forms....embrace it! Don’t fear it. See it for what it is...Satan’s attempt to get us off our path. When we turn to the Lord for His love and empowerment, we will not be deterred, but will move forward even stronger and better for overcoming the challenge Satan threw in our path.

Our Savior’s greatest desire is to restore and heal us....not just to our previous innocent state...His aim is much higher! He desires us to become as He is, and He has prepared a way for that to happen.

The more we access their love and apply the Atonement to the times we stumble and fall, we will journey through the valley of sorrow and pain and begin a healing process. We will become aware of our sins and weaknesses and will move from being broken to becoming whole.


“He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.” Psalms 147:3

Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the plan of mercy brings about the means unto all of us that we may have faith unto repentance. Through the gift of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, an entrance into His everlasting kingdom is provided for us and we can enter into His presence and inherit all that He has!

Without our Savior to redeem and reform us, there is little hope of reaching our desired destination. Each day that we journey, we are asked to retain a remission of our sins. A full measure of His grace will come only with complete and deep repentance. If we have not suffered, we have not repented. It is through our sorrow and suffering that we gain the light that we are journeying to ‘Bethlehem’ to acquire.

It is so humbling to note that during Christ’s life, He chose to experience our pains and afflictions in order to understand us. Now we need to experience the pains and afflictions of this life in order to understand Him and the eternal purposes He has designed for us.

Think about it....Jesus died for you knowing you might not love Him back. That is true love!


“With the gift of God’s grace, the path of discipleship does not lead backward; it leads upward. It leads to heights we can scarcely comprehend! It leads to exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom of our Heavenly Father where we, surrounded by our loved ones, receive “of his fullness, and of his glory.” All things are ours, and we are Christ’s, Indeed, “all that [the] Father hath shall be given unto [us].” Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

To receive promised blessings we must go on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ with our heart’s desire to be changed...changed from our worldly and fallen state, to a state of righteousness, enabled through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.... redeemed of God and worthy of our desired destination.

“Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God” (Moroni 10:32).

It will be an extraordinary gift to feel the encircling arms of His love, as we come to Him to be healed and made whole.


Like the Wisemen, many others came when they knew about the birth of the Savior. They came seeking the Son of God to worship Him because they trusted the words of the prophets. They waited and anticipated His coming. They knew that “redemption cometh in and through the Holy Messiah” (2 Nephi 2:6). So they made choices that prepared them to worthily receive the Messiah who is the Savior of the world. And they became His witnesses.

The purpose of our desire is to come to a place where we can witness the presence of the Son of God while we sojourn here on this earth. We are seeking to have His presence with us always.

We desire to feel the power of His love and the healing blessings that only a personal relationship with Him can bring. Jesus Christ is the One that can heal our hearts and bring the miracles we are seeking, we need to know He can change our lives forever. We need God in our lives. He is beckoning for us to come and discover Him.

“Look for Christ and you will find him. And with him, everything else.” ~ CS Lewis


1 - On your Journal page, write out what burdens you are carrying at this time that could use ‘His Gift of Grace’, the healing power of the Atonement?

Take steps to overcome this burden by opening your heart to His love and apply the Atoning blood of Christ. Going through the repentance process heals us and makes us clean and whole.

“...will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins,...that I may heal you?”

3 Nephi 9:13

2- Also this week write in your ‘Sacred Journal’. Write a letter to your Heavenly Father telling Him about your burden(s). He has a good listening ear, so let Him know how you feel about it. Get it off your chest.

Then, respond to your letter, allowing the Lord to enlighten your mind with the things He would like you to understand.

3 - Notice on the ‘Journey to Bethlehem Map’ I have made changes....sorry! You will need to print off another map and re-write your summary of what your heart needs in the space labeled ‘Desire’ then under ‘His Gift of Grace’ summarize the burdens you are carrying at this time. Hang it or place it in a prominent place so you can be reminded of the changes you are desiring to make. Remember, Grace changes everything!

Find the Journal Page, Journey to Bethlehem Map, and Sacred Journal page under ‘Journey’ on the navigator tabs.

Pray and don’t give up!

Love, Jeannie


Journey - 1-B.png


“You may run, walk, stumble, drive or fly

but never lose sight of the reason for the journey.”

~ Gloria Gaither


I hope that you have begun thinking about what your heart wants from this Journey, it could be that you are needing a miracle from the Lord to help you with a present struggle or challenge, or maybe your heart is simply yearning for a more personal relationship with the Lord....or to be of better service to Him. To have and keep a vision in your mind of your ‘Desire’, whatever you choose, will give you the hope and direction you need to be successful on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’.

I have found that my heart is what keeps me on the right path. It seems to know what is important and what I need to do, to embrace hard things that can elevate me and strengthen me so that I can reach the destinations I desire.

I’m sure all of you were touched and encouraged by the words of our Prophet and our General Authorities this last week in our 188th Semi-Annual General Conference.

I was so glad that we have already begun our ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ because I feel that we can follow our heart’s desire and do what is required when we have chosen to seek Christ and come to know more about Him, and as Elder Gong put it, “ in new and holier ways with all our might, mind and strength”.

I felt a strong confirmation of all the changes that have been made in this Conference and the last Conference in April, when I read in my scriptures this morning in 3 Nephi 15. Jesus had come to the Nephites and was spending time with them teaching them all that God had directed that He should teach them...then He announced that ‘old things had passed away, and that all things had become new.” 3 Nephi 15:2

I felt like we had just experienced the very same thing!

On this journey, we too will be leaving behind all that we were doing before. I love that this new direction will help us to move forward with faith, taking more meaningful steps to fulfill our desires and become as He is.

“Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices,

and choices determine our actions.

The desires we act on determine our changing,

our achieving, and our becoming.”

~ Elder Dallin H. Oaks - Conf. Address April 2011, Desires


Can you see it? What will your desire look like when it’s fulfilled? Can you see the pathway to make it happen? Are you able to go this path on your own?

We have had some time to think about what our desires might be for this journey. Hopefully you have been able to consider a couple options and will be able to get it down to one purpose or desire that will bring you to your desired your becoming.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had the thought, “There’s got to be a better way!” or “I can’t do this!” or “This will take a miracle!” I think it’s pretty common to think along those lines. I think that when we are confronted with a challenge....we honestly have no idea how to solve the problem, or how to begin working through it or even think that our desires can possibly happen, now or ever! We become overwhelmed and all we know that we need a miracle now!

Three quarters of the way through my Cancer Challenge, I came to a moment in time where I knew I needed the Lord’s help more than ever! I couldn’t see how I could possibly make it another day. I had done all I knew to do to keep the pain and fatigue at a level I could endure. I felt my life slowly being swept away and I didn’t know how to hold on to it any longer. Knowing prayers were being whispered in my behalf, I sent my own pleas heavenward. I felt strengthened by the Spirit and made it through that moment and then another moment and another and then I knew that my Father in Heaven had provided the miracle I needed. I couldn’t see a way, but He was there and He provided the Miracle I desired.

This is when I finally understood that, it’s when we have no idea how it’s going to happen, but we desire or need a miracle today....that we will finally turn to the Lord with the faith that is required. We need to go through a humbling, a knowing that we can’t do it on our own....only then is when we can begin to have the faith needed to allow our Heavenly Father to bless us in the ways we need the most. We need to be open to His help, His inspiration and direction.

If only we could ‘see’, God is our only hope!

“Those who leave everything in God’s hand

will eventually see God’s hand in everything.”

~ Unknown


It’s when we choose to ‘see’ that we will recognize there is hope. When we place our faith and belief along with that hope we can allow God’s hand to work the miracle.

Maybe you are struggling with a weakness, sin, injustice or insecurity. Something that has kept you bound for years. It’s time to get rid of that weight. Let go of all that is holding you hostage. It takes time to ponder and honestly consider what that might be...but, you can be freed, on this Journey, you can be strengthened and removed from that weakness.

I’ve always had a weakness in writing. I was NEVER able to think of words or phrases to express fact there was really nothing in my thoughts, ideas or stories. I couldn’t think of a single thing to write, so my school papers consisted of a sentence of two....that was it! And, yes, my grades in English were horrible.

Soooo... many years, feeling inadequate in writing or expressing anything at all. Then, because of the fear, pain and fatigue of cancer I decided I NEEDED to write, to express my inner thoughts and feelings. I had desires to not only help me...but, help anyone that was broken, through their struggles and challenges.

Father knew of my need, so He sent me to read my journals.

I have written letters to my Heavenly Father in a journal through the years, expressing all my thoughts, painful experiences, triumphs and growing testimony....He knew me inside and out. As I read through the entries I gained the vision I needed to ‘see’ that there was a possibility....there was hope that I could write and express my feelings and touch broken hearts.

My belief in God, and my vision of hope gave me courage to try my hand at what I always thought was....Impossible!

I called upon my Heavenly Father to strengthen me and help me say the words and phrases that would help me write my Blog, I proceeded to write, and to express and.....I began to OVERCOME something that made me feel so incomplete and broken!

Again, God’s hand has worked a Miracle in my behalf! You too, can put your belief and trust in Him. Turn to Him at this time, know that you can ASK for anything your heart needs or desires from Him. Pray and have faith that the desire you seek is the desire of the Lord for you. Remember, His desire is to fulfill your desires.

What is your weakness or inadequacy that is in need of Heavenly Father’s hand? What is needed to give you strength and courage to allow Him to help make a desired change? We have mountains that need moved out of our lives. Over-whelming tasks to conquer, health concerns to understand, harmful drugs and substances to overcome, destroyed relationships to heal, questions that plague, sin that promises to destroy, weaknesses that keep us bound, and hearts that are broken. No one is exempt from trials and adversity. Don’t be destroyed by that which is really an opportunity, one that can free us and bring us joy.

Don’t try to limit your challenges, but open up and challenge what you see as a limit. With the Lord there to help us and strengthen us we can OVERCOME and BECOME as He is.

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves

come when life seems most challenging.”

~ Joseph Campbell

Trust that your heart has a plan, and even if you can’t see it completely, know that everything will unfold as it is meant to. Invite the Lord to join you on this Journey.


1 - On your Journal page, write out what you have decided is the ‘Desire’ that your soul yearns for. Remember, when we find the Savior, He will be the one to bring the miracle that you are seeking...what miracle are you seeking...what will be the ‘Destination’ or Bethlehem you are hoping for on YOUR ‘Journey to Bethlehem’?

2- Also this week, for your journal page, you will begin your ‘Sacred Journal’. This is a journal of letters you will write to your Heavenly Father. It is more effective if you pray before you begin so that you can feel His Spirit guide your thoughts. Ask that you will be directed to know what to write and that you will be inspired to know what His answer or direction would be for YOU.

Write, Dear Heavenly Father, (or whatever you choose)at the top of the page, as you would when writing a letter and then pencil out your thoughts and feelings about what your ‘Desire’ is for this journey. Please share with Him anything else you want or need to express. When you have completed your heart felt letter, sign your name at the bottom of your letter and turn to a new page.

Write Dear (your name), at the top of the page. Open your heart to receive His inspiration and guidance to the letter you have written to Him, and write what comes to your mind. Treasure this because this IS His direction, counsel or inspiration for YOU. It will seem hard at first to feel like you are receiving the right answers, but trust in Him to direct you.

Write these letters as often as you choose. They are very instrumental in helping you to stop and listen for the answers you are needing. But, please be sure to converse with Him as you have been doing. He needs you to take time to include Him in your Journey.

You can print off as many pages as you need. Or, you can purchase a journal so your letters can be kept together. I love returning to my letters and read them again and again. You will see then that it was divinely directed!

3 - On the ‘Journey to Bethlehem Map’ write a summary of what your heart needs in the space labeled ‘Desire’ and then hang it or place it in a prominent place so you can be reminded of your ‘Desire’ and the purpose for your journey.

Find the Journal Page, Journey to Bethlehem Map, and Sacred Journal page under ‘Journey’ on the navigator tabs.

Stay patient and trust your journey,

Love, Jeannie


Desire Header.png



Most of you that know me, know that my life has gone through some huge and amazing growing experiences and life changes the past six years. It has been so rewarding, I honestly feel blessed beyond measure.


A year into this experience, at Christmas time, I found myself pondering how accepting or embracing my challenges had given me ‘more’ than I ever thought possible....and, as I thought about it, I realized that my journey was so much like the journey that the Wisemen took to seek out the Son of God. It enlightened me so much that I have put together my thoughts and inspirations into a little ‘Journey To Bethlehem’ adventure to seek the Christ Child so that many others could experience the peace and joy that He brings into our lives.

In this WHISPERINGS BLOG last week, an invitation was extended to anyone, who desires change or healing in their lives, to step out of the ordinary and journey with us, as did the Wisemen of old, to come to a place where the Savior worship Him and receive the blessings we desire. (Matt. 2:1,2)

This ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ begins today, as the Saviors birth has been announced and we desire to find the truth of this miraculous event, for ourselves. (Luke 2: 6,7)

It is my hope that you have prepared properly so this journey can be most meaningful....even a season of enlightenment a season of peace and joy. The hope is that we will allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit to our desired destination. Our desire is to know in our own hearts, that there truly is a Son of God.


Everyone’s journey will be different even though our desires might be the same....we will be given the experience we need to strengthen our testimony, overcome our weaknesses, remove ourselves from bondage, or to lighten our burdens....we can overcome anything which may be holding us back from that which we truly desire.

If you have a dream or desire, it is necessary to go on this journey to fulfill that dream. If there is the slightest chance at getting something or having an experience that will make you happy, RISK IT! Life’s too short and happiness is to rare to not take the step to bring it to you.

It is told that when we find the Savior of the World, He will be the one that will bring miracles into our ordinary moments. He can heal our hearts and expand our understanding, and bring the peace and joy we are seeking. Therefore, our first step is to search our hearts and determine our ultimate ‘Desire’.

“....for I know that (a just God) ...granteth unto men according to their desire, whether it be unto death or unto life” (Alma 29:4)

You need Him. He is silently beckoning for you to come and discover Him. Your soul longs for Him, listen to your discontent, your longing, your emptiness, it is trying to tell you that there is more that God wants to give you, your search for more will lead you to a season of enlightenment, joy and peace.


We have a destination that we are focusing on, but we do not know what may lie ahead or what will be required of us. I liked Mila Bron’s approach to her journey, she said, “I am learning to trust the journey even when I do not understand it.”

As with all journeys, what we learn and discover along the way is of utmost importance and may be the very thing we are seeking.

Whenever Jim and I go on a journey or walk. We take our time, I like to see everything around me and take pictures, I like to touch it, smell it and put it in my pocket to take home and treasure it. Sometimes we never make it to the end because we are loving the experience along the way.

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination.” ~ Drake

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.


Pray and have faith that the desire you seek is the desire of the Lord for you....for He desires to fulfill our desires. “Wherefore, who so believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world...” (Ether 12:4)

About a year ago I was working in the Temple, and a young woman, who was very distraught came up to me and asked me a question that surprised me because, at that moment, I was seeking the same answers for myself. She was wanting to know what I do when there is something happening in my life that is hard and needs to be changed?

I was sitting in the Celestial Room reading scriptures and praying for answers to my life challenges. The scripture that was giving me the direction I desired was Ether 12. I suggested to this young woman that if she were to read it also, maybe she could find the answers she was seeking.

Sometimes our challenges are so over whelming that we begin to feel a hopelessness about the situation....we can’t see a way out.

But, because life is created to challenge us and give us opportunities to grow...we are sometimes brought down into despair, and in need of light, direction, strength and hope.

When we have no hope, we have no vision. We don’t know where to go, how to solve or endure the problems and challenges we face. Our connection with Heaven could fade away if we allow ourselves to get lost in the hurt, pain, confusion, fear and anxiety.

How can we overcome, heal and become whole?

For some, life might be going pretty good right now....we feel there is no need for a journey such as this....but beware, this is when contentment and pride start to pull us slowly away from the joy and happiness we’ve been given.

Our desires and focus should always be looking for reason or cause to seek out the One who can bless and deliver. Remember, He desires to fulfill our desires. Seek Him!


Like the people in the Book of Ether, we are constantly being given a trial of our faith by being pulled, pushed and driven away from great and marvelous things and the vision of hope, “....because they saw them not.” (Ether 12:5)

It’s so easy to become veiled over because of fear, doubt, concern, contentment, and lack of knowledge.

The young woman, at the Temple, wasn’t able to see beyond her struggle, and I was troubled with discouragement. We were both searching for hope, something to tell us we will be ok....that life can change.

So let’s Journey to Bethlehem, a fruitful place, a place where we will be fed and replenished...and a place where we will receive all that we had hoped for.

Come to Bethlehem, He is beckoning for us to come.


When we experience something it becomes a part of us. I hope you will pray and take the time to decide exactly what you really need from this journey. You have two weeks to come to a final ‘Desire’.

1- Because this is your adventure, you need to know why you are going on this journey.

- Ask yourself what does your heart need from this journey...what is your Desire? What miracle are you seeking?

2- I’ve never experienced a better read than the encouraging words in Ether 12, it helped me, that day....and many days since, to see there is hope that there are steps to take and a path to follow. I gained the faith I needed to make the necessary changes. I hope that the brave young woman, that walked over to me and asked for help, was able to see the hope that was waiting there for her also. Please read and ponder the passages there and allow the Lord to touch your heart and give you hope for all that you Desire.

3 - On your journal page, (given in the download) begin to draft out the thing that your soul yearns for, then listen for the whisperings along the way....write them down. You might be surprised at what your heart really wants. Open your heart and mind for this miracle. When we find the Savior, He will be the one to bring the miracle that you are seeking.


Titled: The Son of God

Your journey can be like the journey that the Wisemen took to seek out the Son of God.

Your desires and focus should always be looking for reason or cause to seek out the One who can bless and deliver. Remember, He desires to fulfill your desires. Seek to know the Christ Child so that you can experience the peace and joy that He can bring into your life.


1- This week I have a ‘Journal Page’ for you to download where you can write out the thoughts and feelings that will bring you to a knowledge of what your desires are for this journey. You can print off as many as you need.

2- I also have a ‘Journey To Bethlehem Map’ that will allow you to see where we are going and what you have to do to get there.


Son of God.jpg


Autumn Leaves.JPG


Like most of you, I love the fall colors....I enjoy watching them change from the lush green foliage on the side of the mountain to the bright, intense colors that bring a different kind of life to the beautiful, so invigorating!

I like to refer to this season as Autumn, because......Fall tells me that Winter is around the corner and I struggle with anything connected with the long, cold, icy days and months ahead.  Brrrrrr!!


September is a favorite Autumn month for me....for several reasons, one being this is the time of year that I begin to design my life for the next year.  Something about the crisp morning air that lures me to my comfy chair with a warm mug of ‘Spiced Pumpkin’ steamed milk and a cozy, warm blanket, puts me in Heaven.  A quiet, inviting atmosphere that creates the perfect moments for dreaming, evaluating, planning, designing, and creating a plan for my life of purpose and JOY.  

The days ahead seem to come and go so quickly, it’s like life is disappearing before your very eyes.....IF we don’t begin early to design them and create a plan to make them ‘more’.  

Through the years, I have found that if I will define my coming days, design, plan and create them, then they will lead to a life well lived.

Those cold but, cozy, quiet, autumn mornings are treasured and memorable. They are a good way to embrace ‘what is’ and awaken my soul, my inner longings for a better world.


The second thing that makes September special for me is that it is a big birthday month for our birthday being the very last day.... is lovingly shared with a special Grandson.  Yea...Happy Birthday to us! :)

Everyone loves Birthdays!!  But, several years back, when wrinkles and gray hairs became more noticeable, I wasn’t wanting any more birthdays. I wished I could stay living in my ‘prime’ years...getting older wasn’t looking like ‘Golden Years’ at all!  I’ve found it doesn’t help to fight it, or even ignore the birthdays....they still keep coming!  And I am grateful for that.

This Birthday year has brought with it new challenges, besides my newly acquired chemo side effects, Jim and I are experiencing old age and ‘mindlessness’ in a whole new way. Either he can’t remember something or I forgot to turn the stove off. We shuffle and weave when we walk and huff and puff as we go up the stairs.

But, even though it’s not what we would have planned, I think old age is a gift.  I like the person I have become.  By embracing each year.... all the wrinkles and gray hairs, physical and mental changes, we still have each other and lot’s of opportunities to spend time with family, grandchildren, friends and...yes, even is BLISS!

Birthday’s come and go.  It’s what we do in between each celebration that makes life really worth celebrating. So ‘live with abandon’.... forget your fears, find your faith and live!

Which brings me to another reason September is special for me.


Every year at this time, I go on a ‘Journey to Bethlehem’.  I start on my birthday and journey until Christmas.  It’s so spiritually uplifting and brings me so much JOY!  I look forward to it every year.

For my Birthday this year, I thought if would be amazing if you would go with me. So my Birthday Gift.... to an invitation to journey with me and experience a beautiful change that you will treasure forever.

I created this gift for someone else 5 years ago, but I loved it so much, that I make sure I experience it every year, at this time.

It is a gift that has changed me over and over. I would love it if you would venture with me.  Sometimes the smallest step in a right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  I encourage you to do this.... a Christmas gift you can give to yourself.

I know you are probably freaking out at the mention of Christmas and gifts right now, but you might thank me later....I have held it dear and haven’t shared it with a lot of people but, I’m thinking that you would probably enjoy it now.

So here is a brief explanation of what this Gift is...

The Gift I want to share, is a special invitation for you to ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ with me and anyone else who is desiring to find Truth and in the process, change their lives.  It’s for anyone who has a need to feel closer to the Savior and to their Father in Heaven. We all need that close relationship...that spiritual strength so we can navigate through the adversities in this life a little easier....and it can happen on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’... a place where you will come to know Jesus.

“A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong.” ~ Unknown

If there are some men that are reading and want to join us, please do, the world needs strong men also.  This journey is for everyone.  It’s amazing to do as a couple or as a family.

This journey is for those that have been desiring to find enlightenment and direction to really know if there truly is a Son of God.

Like other journeys, this one requires preparation to begin and involves stepping out of the ordinary. The hope is that we will allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit as we journey to Bethlehem, the destination that will change our lives forever.  


Interesting side note. I was reading in my scriptures yesterday in 3 Nephi  Chapter 1:19-21;  “....and they knew that it was the day that the Lord should be born, because of the sign which had been given. And it came to pass, yea, all things, every whit, according to the words of the prophets. And it came to pass also that a new star did appear, according to the word.”

I find it amazing that, at this time each year, I’m reading wherever I am presently located in my daily scripture reading, and I always come across a verse or chapter like this one, that mentions that Christ was born. It’s like it’s giving me permission to begin my journey. ❤

I find it humbling and inspiring to experience for myself, a personal announcement that the Christ Child was born, just in time so that I can move forward to seek the truth of this miraculous event.

I have always felt a kinship to the Wisemen that traveled afar when they heard that the Christ Child was born, they set out on a journey to seek and find the Son of God. I like to think that if I would have been there, I would have also gone on that journey.

Have faith in this journey.  Everything that needs to happen will happen to get you where you desire to go. Every year I’m excited to see what new things I will learn and discover along the way. It’s usually something that I have been desiring to know or learn or experience. Miracles have happened! My experiences have strengthened my testimony; that there is a Son of God that came to this world with the light and knowledge we all need to be healed from our adversities and lifted out of darkness.


Today I’m giving just a brief introduction so you can prepare your hearts and minds for this journey. I will give you new things to think about and ponder with every Blog so that you will gain understanding and experience the miracles that you need in your life just in time for Christmas. A time when we will receive Him as our Lord and Savior.

It is a gift that has changed me over and over. I would love it if you would accept this gift.  Remember sometimes the smallest step in a right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  I encourage you to do this for yourself.... a Christmas gift you can give to yourself and your family.

Does anyone have any thoughts or feelings that you are willing to share that would help us prepare for this journey of discovery?

Think about Autumn and the beautiful changes that the world is experiencing at this too can experience some beautiful changes in your life.

Love to all, looking forward to next time, where we will take that first step. ❤






I read the following quote the other day and it made me wonder what LIFE is.....for you, me and everyone it this sad?

“I realized today that I have stopped living life.  I’m literally just trying to get to the next day just living in the thought of tomorrow.  I’m not living, I’m waiting. And the trouble is, I don’t know what I’m exactly waiting for. I’m kind of scared for what it might be.“  - From the Minds Journal

Or...maybe we are so BUSY that we don’t have time to think, to focus, to reach out to others, to live our BLISS.  


The clock in my bedroom has a way of loudly proclaiming that each second is ticking second at a time. I sometimes feel the need to stop it until I can catch up with life and the demands that seem so pressing.

Each night as I lay in bed, hoping for sleep to come quickly, I hear the ticking of that clock, so annoying, yet so resolute in giving me a point of focus.....a center to focus my awareness and stop the incessant chaos in my mind.  

Our time is so precious, and we allow it to get get wasted in every tick of the clock.  


Jim and I attended a ‘Mindfulness’ retreat a couple weeks ago.  This is something new for us.  Something we knew of, but knew nothing about.

As you can imagine, it was very enlightening, since I have never been interested in meditation....felt like it was time spent on wasting time.  But I am, and have been, interested in calming down the storm of useless thought, and being still enough to allow inspiration and the Whisperings of the Spirit, the space and time necessary to enter into my thoughts, so I was excited about attending the first big step in ‘Living With Abandon!’  :)

Our instructor had my attention from the beginning when she said, “Mindfulness is the ability to be still and to be non-judgmental as we become aware of our physical, mental and emotional state.”  I knew that I needed to learn everything she had to share.

3 Days of training in mindfulness was not much, considering all the different areas that it could branch out into. But I appreciate the simple and purposeful approach our instructor took, to give us a basic experience. She gave us a few meditations and some introspections, that opened up new insights into how my life could elevate to a new level of understanding, myself and the world I live in....and of course my Father in Heaven.

I could see that everyone got out of it something totally different, so when I share my thoughts, know that it is my take of the exercises and what I needed for me....simple, mindful changes that lift and bring joy!

While I’m still learning how to keep my mind from running wild with thoughts about this, that and everything else, the few minutes that I have tried to keep my thoughts on the down low, I have allowed myself to be mindful.  It has been very calming helping me see, feel and appreciate ‘what is’ in that moment.

Live For The Now......Because All We Have Is Now...Be Present!


As you know, I am an advocate for ‘Choosing Joy’ so I was very interested to learn that Mindfulness can bring Happiness, and for me that happiness and joy come from being aware of ‘what is’.  It’s an integrated kind of mindfulness where you are aware of what is going on in your moment....the things you see, smell, touch, hear and taste.

Turn off the world and focus on what you are touching, what does it feel like, what is the person in front of you really saying, is the food you are eating really the experience you want to have, what feelings does the fragrance in the air remind you of?  So many ways to live the moment in a whole new way.

I love that it helps me to embrace the time I have each more fully see, feel and appreciate what is all around me.  

When our mind is left on auto pilot, thoughts race around each other and we are so caught up in our crazy thought patterns that we don’t use our precious time in a more fruitful way.  I’ve always heard the phrase, ‘Take time to smell the roses’, now it makes so much more sense to me, and something I want to create for my life.

So now as I lay in bed, I listen to my clock ticking away precious seconds, and in those seconds I feel how amazingly soft my pillow is how it holds me and comforts me.  I feel the sheets, the coolness of their surface brings solace to my tired, restless legs and calms them.  The noises outside my window makes me feel loved and appreciated to be a part of something bigger than life, something that says there is purpose in everything....and then slowly, I’m back to becoming aware of my pillow the smell of linen and softness against my face. Deliberately mindful of each and everything....touch, smell, sounds and a sense of well being, no rush, no hurry, just aware....just....ZZzzz


I woke up this morning feeling grateful for another beautiful day. As I worked around the house my gratitude grew as I became mindful of each and everything that I came in contact with.  My heart is full of Joy as I realized that, through being more aware, I was indeed ‘Choosing Joy’.   I loved and appreciated everything and everyone....then the thought came, ‘This is my Bliss!’

We have all heard it said; “It’s  not about having time, It’s about making time.” I rather think it’s about using the time you have to the very most....use it to love your life, to be grateful to the One that gave you that life, and be aware of the all things large and small for they are the elements of your life.

When we choose to look for the wonder and awe in all that we are, all that we have, and all that was created for our pleasure and remembrance of Him, it is truly a beautiful moment...and this moment is LIFE.....YOUR LIFE...YOUR BLISS!

Titled - Take Time

Our Father has created everything in this world for our wonder and pleasure.  It is our choice to go through each day being aware of all that is given or being caught up in all the chaos, misery and pain.

When we ‘Take Time’ to cultivate awareness in our lives, we will live a fuller, happier life....we are ‘Choosing Joy’.  Nothing is lost or wasted on us.  It’s when we can fully love and appreciate all the things we have been given, that we will be given more.

This Actual Moment Is Life!




Just when I thought I had gone through all the lessons that could be learned, and shared because of my experiences with cancer and my ‘Journey to Wholeness’....I have, and am experiencing one more learning curve.....there seems to be so many!

Now that I am beginning to feel better,  and thinking that I am ready to go on with my life, I am realizing, even more, that the life I had before cancer is not the life I can go back to, I am now searching for my ‘new normal’.


While going through the unknown of cancer, the pain and fatigue, I chose to use the opportunity to expand myself spiritually.  My desire being that I wanted my experience to become more than concern for my life, the pain, and the fatigue. I wanted to remember my experience with no regrets, no burdens of being a victim, and no ongoing feelings of ‘why me’.  I wanted to know in my heart that I had learned and had become someone new....someone stronger....someone who knew the Lord on a more personal level.

Today, as I sat thinking, I remembered a simple analogy about a rubber band that my husband shared with me a while ago.

As you know, rubber bands are a common office object or tool that takes up space in your desk drawer.  They are basically useless, unless they are needed to be stretched or extended beyond their normal size or state to hold something together. Whether large or small, a rubber band can only be stretched for so long.....then it needs to go back to it’s original position. We’ve all noticed that when it if freed to go back to it’s original state, it is not the same as it was before it became extended....because, once stretched, it can never go back to what it was before.

I feel I have been stretched.

We may not be aware of it, but at some point in our lives, we all experience a Hero’s Journey.  A journey where we are required to stretch, grow, and experience new things...even very hard things.


When the time is right, we are called upon to go on an adventure or challenge where we become a warrior; someone that is required to defend or fight for that which is desired or prized.  It could start out as a physical battle but it quickly becomes an inner battle with our self.  The battle teases back and forth for a while then becomes more intense as we put all our efforts into the fight, even to death if necessary, for we are fighting for a life we are choosing or the prize we most desire in the end.  Finally, after many intimidating experiences and a schooling in more effective ways to defeat the threat, we become the Victor and the Villain goes off into the night until the next opportunity to confront your desires anew.

Because of the arduous battle and the difficult things learned and experienced, the warrior returns home... CHANGED!  Bringing home the prize that was fought so valiantly for....inner-peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Upon returning home, the now Victor, finds that everything is different, it seems that he is coming home to a different world.  We set out seeking something desirable, something we have wanted for a long time, but the funny thing that we aren’t ready for what comes next.


In this life, every ‘next level’ of your life will demand a different you. Adjustments need to be made to fit this new way of life, a new purpose and mission will need to be embraced.

I hadn’t realized that I was choosing a ‘next level’ when I chose to handle my Cancer challenges with a more spiritual, positive outlook. Unknowingly, we are always one decision from a totally different life.  With one decision, I moved away from my regular duties in real life, to go on a Hero’s Journey.  I knew the process of the journey, but didn’t actually realize what was happening until I tried to come back to the life I knew before.

Every time something changes in life, we panic.  We feel like we are loosing grasp on everything we have worked so hard for.  Fear and concern make it hard to feel the Spirit guiding our steps and we begin to doubt our faith.


The day after I was told that I had cancer I was feeling overwhelmed and scared.  I opened my phone and this message was on the screen. “Don’t panic. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you.  I, your God, have a firm grip on you and I am not letting go.” (Isaiah 41:10,13)  

Imagine the overwhelming comfort that this message brought me at the precise moment I needed to hear God’s loving and caring words as well as feel His comforting strength.  I appreciate that He is still here guiding me and helping me to find my way as I embrace new life!

Just know that God is calling you, equipping you and preparing you, according to his purpose. We all know that all things work together for good to them that love God and are open to all that He has in store for them.

Now, CHANGED and a little apprehensive but excited about what my new life might require of me, I take a deep breath and look out into the unknown, the wilderness of life, and seek to embrace my new path.

And suddenly you just know...It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. ~ Mester Eckhart


Life is always difficult, but decisions and change need to happen for us to move forward and to become what we have been sent here to become.

We are always one decision away from a totally different  life....embrace it and know that God is in charge. He has a plan and He will direct us all along the way.


Standing Alone.png


This last week I spent an inspiring afternoon with my sister Anita. She shares a love for painting and has the ability to create on canvas/paper as I do.  While together, we went through her portfolio of bright and cheerful art renderings.  I found myself getting jealous, because she has a way of creating art that makes it an enjoyable experience for her and her audience.  

We talked about the bi-weekly classes that she teaches.  She told me that it’s important for her to try to relieve her students stress about messing up, by letting them know that, “’s just a piece of paper, if you make a mistake you can throw it away or turn it over and start all over again.”  

I realized that I have never been that carefree and easy about any piece of art work that I’ve ever produced.  The importance on “perfection” in my mind, has made my efforts to create, hard and even daunting at times.  It’s always seemed like an ominous task for me to take on.  

Where I feel I have the Lord’s hand guiding mine, and joy does come in the end, I feel pressure and anxiety in the process, and that there is no room for making mistakes.

I have been inspired by my sister’s work and feel there is a lesson here for me, and maybe some of you, to grab on to.


I feel that we are all holding ourselves to a standard of perfection that is not necessary to feel fulfillment, or to feel joy and happiness. A standard that we have set for ourselves....for, it was not set in Heaven or anywhere else.

Perfection - Perfection is a state, variously, of completeness, flawlessness, or supreme excellence.  (Wikipedia)

Grace - The enabling power or divine help from God that allows us to obtain blessings in this life. (See Guide to the Scriptures)

When we simplify the demands we place on ourselves and allow God to be more fully integrated into our efforts, what we do will become easier, less stressful, more enjoyable, and a perfect work of art in the end.

This message now is inscribed on my mirror, “May Grace, the enabling power of God, abide in me forever.”


In my most recent Blogs, I have been talking about LIFE.....that we were sent here to this earth to learn, grow and experience joy.....but, somewhere along the way some of us have acquired the idea that while we are learning and growing, we can’t make mistakes!  We don’t appreciate that a big part of Gods’ Plan of Salvation, or Happiness, is that mistakes and opposition are necessary for our learning and growth.  We don’t realize  that it is OK to go out of the lines, to dribble paint or lay down an ugly color, even drop the brush so that paint splashes everywhere! It’s all OK and is necessary for our earthly experience.

We are to become ‘perfect’ but not through ‘perfectionism’!

My need for perfectionism in my paintings takes the joy out of painting.  Just as we think we can’t make mistakes or go out of the lines, takes the joy out of life by creating anxiety, stress and many other complications.

Seems like we ask the Lord to help us, to be with us, to guide or inspire us, but then we don’t allow that to happen because we don’t give Him time or space to do what He needs to do.


I had an experience, a couple weeks ago that opened my eyes to perfection and how we don’t allow Heavenly Father to help us the way He knows to help us best.  I was asked by a neighbor to help her with a situation that was creating a lot of stress and anxiety for her. I was happy to help and went over to her home to see what I could do.  

She explained the situation and told me what she needed.  Feeling confident in what I was asked to do, I stepped forward with tool in hand to help her.  She straightaway took the tool out of my hand, saying it needed to be done a certain way.  I proceeded to do it that way when she again, took the tool and tried to do it herself but couldn’t get the right angle.  Frustrated, I tried again when she promptly took over and left me standing there wondering why she had called me in the first place if she was just going to do it herself.

It was a couple days later when I was thinking back on the situation, wondering how I could have been more helpful, when I realized the irony of the circumstance. When I paint or I’m trying to do something I feel is important,  I ask my Father in Heaven to help me, then immediately I take control.....exerting my own effort, to make it perfect. Fears and doubts then take over and leave me feeling very stressed and anxious.

Like my neighbor, I cause more stress and anxiety, because I’m not allowing the One that can help to even come close to give the help or the blessings that I was seeking in the first place!

If we believe that our Heavenly Father is truly there to bless our lives, then we need to stand back and.... “Be still and know that I am God....”. Psalms 46:10  

It’s sad but we make life much harder than it needs to be!  We create fear and anxieties when we don’t allow Him in our lives to help us....with everything!


“Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” D&C 6:36

Faith is when we love the Lord with all our hearts and trust in Him to help us all along the way...even if the path is different than we thought it would be or should be.  Faith in the Lord brings the miracles we desire in our lives.  Believe that He can give us an enabling power or divine help so we can obtain the blessings we need.

I have been taught a very important concept that can bless me in how I can live my life so it can be stress free...I can go out of the lines, be more open and carefree in my efforts and then painting can be a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Praying that all of us can simplify the demands we place on ourselves and allow God to be more fully integrated into our efforts. Have faith, in our Father who loves us, that what we do through Him, will become a perfect work of art in the end.

Hoping we will hold this message in our hearts so we can be comforted, blessed and perfected through Him......“May Grace, the enabling power of God, abide in me forever.”


Is there anyone out there that can relate to being a perfectionist vs. using the Grace that we are given to bless our lives?  
Any thoughts or encouragements as to how one gives up their control of the universe?

Titled - Just BE U TIFUL

This piece of artwork was painted after we made a trip to the canyon after a good rainstorm. Water was running across the road and hundreds of butterflies were hanging out as if on the beach enjoying the waterfront. It was beautiful! I hadn’t seen so many butterflies in one spot before.....I thought it looked like a ‘perfect’ painting.

Notice the small butterfly that is different or seems out of place. He may seem small and not as vibrant as those around him but that small and simple butterfly holds it’s own beauty......he is beautiful and magnificent just being who he is!





By Divine Design, we have been given a higher purpose, to live a life with purpose and destiny! This moment and each moment after that is given for us to experience the life we planned in the Heavens as we counseled with our Heavenly Father.

Enjoy This Moment...This Moment Is Your Life!!!

As you may know, I am on a new adventure and it is bringing up new thoughts and concepts. It is taking me places that I haven’t allowed myself to venture is a whole new journey and a more engaging way to see this life. I have found a higher purpose, for my life, that opens a way to a more meaningful relationship with my Father in Heaven.

From the first time I heard the concept that I was a Child of my Father and Mother in Heaven, and that with that lineage came a promise of an inheritance of Eternal Life, I have felt loved and wanted to do all they wanted me to do to be worthy of that inheritance.

I also held on to the idea that He has prepared ‘many mansions’ for us.....I took it literally.

D&C 98:18, “Let not your hearts be troubled; for in my Father’s house are many mansions, and I have prepared a place for you; and where my Father and I am, there ye shall be also.”

I have looked forward to that day and have tried to live worthy of it. I know in my heart, that because of their love for us, their desires are for us to come and live with be with them again after we have proven ourselves in this life.

Matthew 5:48 “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

This command to be ‘perfect’ even as He is, has never been a burden or seemed like it was too much to do or expect of me.  I either have an unyielding faith in my Father, or I really do live in a fantasy I have been accused of several times. :)  

I know that this seems like a hard or an insurmountable task for many and I do not want to minimize how overwhelming it can seem.  But, I also know that we tend to make life harder than we need to because of our tendency to magnify things in our minds.

But, really........wouldn’t you like give up your fears and over commitments to find and follow a more meaningful, higher purpose for your life?  Don’t you want to be someone who has been given.... a reason to live, to learn, to discover and to be free.....and yes, to find the peace and joy we are seeking?

We can live the life we were intended to have from the very beginning, by living each moment with intention.  You do not just find a happy create it by embracing each moment and making it a moment worthy of your higher purpose, your divine design!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experience.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I heard a Christian song a couple weeks ago, titled “Live With Abandon” by the Newsboys.
The words “I wanna live with abandon...” have continued to stay with me. I knew in my heart that, that is what I wanted for my life from this point forward because it’s a life with a higher calling, a life that really counts, because we are turning our fears and desires over to Christ....we are giving Him our hearts.

The song helped me understand that there is so much more to life than what I have lived in the past.

A Higher Purpose

As a Child of God, we have been given a life with a divine design.....a divine become as He is.

Psalm 82:6 “Ye are God’s and all of you are children of the most High.” All men are children of God and thus all can become like He is.

There is a parable that Elder Dallin H. Oaks shared with us in the October 2000 General Conference.  I think it helps us to better see the desires our Father has for us.

It goes like this:  “A wealthy father knew that if he were to bestow his wealth upon a child who had not yet developed the needed wisdom and stature, the inheritance would probably be wasted.  The father said to his child:  “All that I have I desire to give you - not only my wealth, but also my position and standing among men.  That which I have I can easily give you, but that which I am you must obtain for yourself.  You will qualify for your inheritance by learning what I have learned and by living as I have lived.  I will give you the laws and principles by which I have acquired my wisdom and stature.  Follow my example mastering as I have mastered, and you will become as I am, and all that I have will be yours.”

Like this parable, we have been promised ALL that our Heavenly Father....God has.  “All that I have I desire to give you.”  When I think about these words, I am truly humbled, and reminded again, of the love that He has for me and of His desire for me to become like Him so I can inherit, or have, all that He has. I love that I am His child and that He has given me everything I need so I can do what is required so that I can have and become ALL that He has and is.

His Plan Of Happiness For Us

Can you imagine coming to this life without a plan?  It sounds like chaos and living lives without the blessings we need and desire.  Lives lived without purpose or direction.  Nothing to live for or strive for.  No peace nor joy....just chaos and frustration!

In 2 Nephi 2:25 we read,  “...and men are, that they might have joy.”

His design is for us is to experience His quality of joy and thus fulfill the measure of our existence.  Fathers’ plan....the Plan of Salvation is truly a plan of joy and happiness.  His plan for us to become as He is, gives us purpose and direction so that through our experiences we will qualify for our inheritance because we will learn what He has learned and we will live as He lived!  I find that exciting!!

The Plan of Salvation or God’s Plan of Happiness makes it possible for ALL people to be exalted and live forever with our Heavenly Parents. God knew we would struggle to stay on course and make good choices all the time....that too is part of the plan!  

Because He wants us to experience joy and inherit all that He has, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to this earth to show us how to live to receive all those blessings.  And....He gave us the most precious gift of all, the Atonement....the only way for us to be redeemed from the effects of our sins and become reconciled to God.

C.S. Lewis made this remark, “For God is not merely mending, not simply restoring a status quo. Redeemed humanity is to be something more glorious than unfallen humanity would have been, more glorious than any unfallen race now is....and this super-added glory will, with true vicariousness, exalt all creatures.”

Blessed with the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can gain access to unlimited possibilities and powers and potential.  It makes it possible for us to follow His example and master as He has mastered... and we will become as He is, and have all that He has.

Carefree In The Care Of God

There is another Christian song by Jason Gray titled ‘Sparrows’.  I heard it several years ago and was touched by the message.  It’s message tells us that life is difficult and we spend a lot of wasted time worrying about life and what is going to happen to us.  We can’t change a thing!  We just need to know that when we feel alone....we are not on our own, God is taking care of us.

It’s a beautiful song with a beautiful message that God loves us and wants us to live fully and find happiness in the choices we make and the mistakes we overcome.  His intent is to always take care of us, just as the flowers and birds are carefree in the care of God, we too can trust Him for our care.

“Look at the sparrow....for even the sparrow knows that God holds tomorrow.” Jason Gray

The purpose of this glorious life is not simply to endure it, but to soar, stumble and flourish as you learn to fall in love with existence....knowing we are always in His care.  We were born to live not to merely exist.  

Because our Heavenly Father....our Creator loved us without exception, He created a way for us to gain our inheritance by giving us everything we need.  

Your Divine Destiny

Although we don’t know all that was decided in the Heavens, we do know that we are here to chose righteously and to stand strong each moment for the things that we know in our hearts to be true. Because of His love for us, He not only provided the perfect plan, but He is watching over us and caring for us so we can fulfilled our higher purpose and return to be with Him and claim our mansions and enjoy Eternal Life.


Title: Look At The Sparrow

The purpose of this glorious life is to become free of all that keeps us tethered.  We need to “Look At The Sparrow” and live as he does, free from care and concern. We are always in His care...we were born to live a higher fly, not to merely exist.  

We can live the life we were intended to have from the very beginning, by living each moment with intention. Embrace each moment and make it a moment worthy of your higher purpose, your divine design!


I feel that we all learn and grow from hearing and sharing thoughts and feelings from one another.  I am not the specialist on this topic or any other topic I have shared, but I hope that I have given you something to think about.  You too, can help us all gain better insights and move closer to our higher purpose by adding your inspirations or experience that you have gone through.  

Maybe these questions will help with getting several comments or even a discussion going.

Wouldn’t you like to find and follow a more meaningful, higher purpose for your life? Why?

What have you experienced that has allowed you to ‘live with abandon’ and give up fears and desires for a more meaningful way of life?

Lots of Love and Gratitude,