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As this journey progressed, there were many thought provoking things that came up for me to learn and experience. My spiritual growth to ‘wholeness’ was a big part of this journey, as well as ‘healing’ was for my physical relief.

Just when I thought the cancer experience was over, God had another plan in the works for me.....you have probably noticed that that is how life works....there is always more to learn and experience.

In my last blog, ‘Opposition, A Blessing In Disguise’, my first comments were excitement for good news....my ‘miracle’ had happened and everyone’s prayers in my behalf were answered!!  But, I learned that many of you missed or were confused with the little insert  further down in the blog, that expressed how my joy got totally lost in my Dr’s next declaration, and obvious concern, that he feared there was more cancer.

I’m sure many of you have been wondering what has happened since then.

As you can imagine....after looking at cancer in the face for a second go around, I needed answers.  Could this really be happening?  Could my faith, that I worked so hard to build, be wanting?   Why was this happening?  Was there more that my Heavenly Father needed me to learn and experience?  Was it part of my Heavenly Father’s plan for me to go through another season of pain and weakness?  

I don’t have the answers to my questions, but I decided to focus on developing a more powerful faith.  I knew that the age of miracles was not in the past so I was willing to do what was required, to be declared ‘cancer free’ when the biopsy results returned.  I wasn’t going to give up on receiving my ‘miracle’.

I’ve always felt like I had a strong faith in the past.  I have received the blessings that I desired, but I knew this new direction required more faith than I had ever exercised.
As I thought about it, I realized that my first effort, beginning in January 2018,  was to have strength to endure and overcome the effects of the chemo treatments. Now I felt the Lord wanted me to magnify my efforts, to rise up to a new level and put my faith into moving mountains, into changing what was, to what I needed in my life.  

I took on the challenge.

I was determined to search out faith and what was required to have the powerful faith needed to assure my miracle. I began reading some powerful stories of other people that changed their reality by creating a new outcome with their faith....even the faith of a mustard seed!

I love the concept of a ‘living faith’, to me it suggests that I can use it and apply it daily to see change and life enter into my world.  I can see where my faith is, how strong it is, by how I live my life and what fruits I can bring forth.  Each day I can refuel it by turning to the Lord to strengthen it and make it more.

“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Mark 11:24

I learned to begin thinking of faith in terms of ‘something to do’ rather than something to ‘have’.  It is impossible to have faith without the work or action.  We are to work for that which we desire and act as if we knew our desires were already ours.
The work or action might consist of prayer or expressing gratitude, being sufficiently in tune to learn God’s will and follow his direction.  

We can also invite others to join their faith with ours.  The Savior wrought mighty miracles by his own faith but most of them were because faith abounded in the hearts of the people he was blessing.  

It was a confirming factor for me to ask for a blessing of ‘healing’, when I was reminded that God ministers on earth to bless, not to curse or afflict us.  He wants us to have life!  When we manifest sufficient faith in the Lord, we put the powers of Heaven into motion and can open the doors to the blessings we desire.

Jim and I needed to be bolder and stronger in our desires for my healing, which required us to stop justifying the doubts, fears, weaknesses, and anxieties we were holding on to....that we might ask for something that was inappropriate or not pleasing to our Heavenly Father.  

This is not who God is. He has bigger plans for us than we are able to think of for ourselves. Remember He is wanting to...and has the power to.....give us all the blessings and capabilities that will help us magnify ourselves and become as He is.

I loved an article I came across from Elder James E. Talmage.  Titled “O Ye of Little Faith”.  He said; “Faith includes a moving vital, inspiring confidence in God, and the acceptance of His will as our law and of His words as our guide in life.  Faith in God is a principle of power, for by its exercise spiritual forces are made operative; and by this power phenomena that appear to be super-natural, such as we call miracles, are wrought.....faith is a gift from God. The gift is free to all who desire it. Ask for it, strive for it, and it shall be given you! Seek it and you shall not fail to find! Proof that you have received will be manifest in what you do with it.”

When we manifest sufficient faith in the Lord, we put the powers of Heaven into motion to open the doors to the blessings we desire.  Remember, with faith all things are possible!!

Today I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn and apply the concepts that helped me exercise faith beyond measure to draw upon the powers of Heaven and receive the blessing of being ‘Cancer Free’.

Know that God loves you and wants you to have the miracles you seek.

Know that I love you and want you to seek for a more powerful faith.

Magnify your efforts to rise up to a new level and put extraordinary faith into moving mountains. You can change what is into what you really desire your life to be.   

The password to unlock your miracle...... POWERFUL FAITH!
My prayers and faith are with you!  Love, Jeannie

Titled:  Refueling With Faith

I painted this Watercolor for a different purpose and title, but, I felt if was a good illustration for something that has limitless amounts of power.

Sometimes we feel we have a limited amount of faith, not realizing a limitless amount is available to us if we choose to tap into the source.  When we manifest sufficient faith in the Lord, we put the ‘Powers of Heaven’ into motion to open the doors to the blessings we desire. In refueling our faith we manifest powerful faith in the Lord and put the Powers of Heaven into motion, opening the doors for the blessings we desire.