I read the following quote the other day and it made me wonder what LIFE is.....for you, me and everyone it this sad?

“I realized today that I have stopped living life.  I’m literally just trying to get to the next day just living in the thought of tomorrow.  I’m not living, I’m waiting. And the trouble is, I don’t know what I’m exactly waiting for. I’m kind of scared for what it might be.“  - From the Minds Journal

Or...maybe we are so BUSY that we don’t have time to think, to focus, to reach out to others, to live our BLISS.  


The clock in my bedroom has a way of loudly proclaiming that each second is ticking second at a time. I sometimes feel the need to stop it until I can catch up with life and the demands that seem so pressing.

Each night as I lay in bed, hoping for sleep to come quickly, I hear the ticking of that clock, so annoying, yet so resolute in giving me a point of focus.....a center to focus my awareness and stop the incessant chaos in my mind.  

Our time is so precious, and we allow it to get get wasted in every tick of the clock.  


Jim and I attended a ‘Mindfulness’ retreat a couple weeks ago.  This is something new for us.  Something we knew of, but knew nothing about.

As you can imagine, it was very enlightening, since I have never been interested in meditation....felt like it was time spent on wasting time.  But I am, and have been, interested in calming down the storm of useless thought, and being still enough to allow inspiration and the Whisperings of the Spirit, the space and time necessary to enter into my thoughts, so I was excited about attending the first big step in ‘Living With Abandon!’  :)

Our instructor had my attention from the beginning when she said, “Mindfulness is the ability to be still and to be non-judgmental as we become aware of our physical, mental and emotional state.”  I knew that I needed to learn everything she had to share.

3 Days of training in mindfulness was not much, considering all the different areas that it could branch out into. But I appreciate the simple and purposeful approach our instructor took, to give us a basic experience. She gave us a few meditations and some introspections, that opened up new insights into how my life could elevate to a new level of understanding, myself and the world I live in....and of course my Father in Heaven.

I could see that everyone got out of it something totally different, so when I share my thoughts, know that it is my take of the exercises and what I needed for me....simple, mindful changes that lift and bring joy!

While I’m still learning how to keep my mind from running wild with thoughts about this, that and everything else, the few minutes that I have tried to keep my thoughts on the down low, I have allowed myself to be mindful.  It has been very calming helping me see, feel and appreciate ‘what is’ in that moment.

Live For The Now......Because All We Have Is Now...Be Present!


As you know, I am an advocate for ‘Choosing Joy’ so I was very interested to learn that Mindfulness can bring Happiness, and for me that happiness and joy come from being aware of ‘what is’.  It’s an integrated kind of mindfulness where you are aware of what is going on in your moment....the things you see, smell, touch, hear and taste.

Turn off the world and focus on what you are touching, what does it feel like, what is the person in front of you really saying, is the food you are eating really the experience you want to have, what feelings does the fragrance in the air remind you of?  So many ways to live the moment in a whole new way.

I love that it helps me to embrace the time I have each more fully see, feel and appreciate what is all around me.  

When our mind is left on auto pilot, thoughts race around each other and we are so caught up in our crazy thought patterns that we don’t use our precious time in a more fruitful way.  I’ve always heard the phrase, ‘Take time to smell the roses’, now it makes so much more sense to me, and something I want to create for my life.

So now as I lay in bed, I listen to my clock ticking away precious seconds, and in those seconds I feel how amazingly soft my pillow is how it holds me and comforts me.  I feel the sheets, the coolness of their surface brings solace to my tired, restless legs and calms them.  The noises outside my window makes me feel loved and appreciated to be a part of something bigger than life, something that says there is purpose in everything....and then slowly, I’m back to becoming aware of my pillow the smell of linen and softness against my face. Deliberately mindful of each and everything....touch, smell, sounds and a sense of well being, no rush, no hurry, just aware....just....ZZzzz


I woke up this morning feeling grateful for another beautiful day. As I worked around the house my gratitude grew as I became mindful of each and everything that I came in contact with.  My heart is full of Joy as I realized that, through being more aware, I was indeed ‘Choosing Joy’.   I loved and appreciated everything and everyone....then the thought came, ‘This is my Bliss!’

We have all heard it said; “It’s  not about having time, It’s about making time.” I rather think it’s about using the time you have to the very most....use it to love your life, to be grateful to the One that gave you that life, and be aware of the all things large and small for they are the elements of your life.

When we choose to look for the wonder and awe in all that we are, all that we have, and all that was created for our pleasure and remembrance of Him, it is truly a beautiful moment...and this moment is LIFE.....YOUR LIFE...YOUR BLISS!

Titled - Take Time

Our Father has created everything in this world for our wonder and pleasure.  It is our choice to go through each day being aware of all that is given or being caught up in all the chaos, misery and pain.

When we ‘Take Time’ to cultivate awareness in our lives, we will live a fuller, happier life....we are ‘Choosing Joy’.  Nothing is lost or wasted on us.  It’s when we can fully love and appreciate all the things we have been given, that we will be given more.

This Actual Moment Is Life!