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Like most of you, I love the fall colors....I enjoy watching them change from the lush green foliage on the side of the mountain to the bright, intense colors that bring a different kind of life to the beautiful, so invigorating!

I like to refer to this season as Autumn, because......Fall tells me that Winter is around the corner and I struggle with anything connected with the long, cold, icy days and months ahead.  Brrrrrr!!


September is a favorite Autumn month for me....for several reasons, one being this is the time of year that I begin to design my life for the next year.  Something about the crisp morning air that lures me to my comfy chair with a warm mug of ‘Spiced Pumpkin’ steamed milk and a cozy, warm blanket, puts me in Heaven.  A quiet, inviting atmosphere that creates the perfect moments for dreaming, evaluating, planning, designing, and creating a plan for my life of purpose and JOY.  

The days ahead seem to come and go so quickly, it’s like life is disappearing before your very eyes.....IF we don’t begin early to design them and create a plan to make them ‘more’.  

Through the years, I have found that if I will define my coming days, design, plan and create them, then they will lead to a life well lived.

Those cold but, cozy, quiet, autumn mornings are treasured and memorable. They are a good way to embrace ‘what is’ and awaken my soul, my inner longings for a better world.


The second thing that makes September special for me is that it is a big birthday month for our birthday being the very last day.... is lovingly shared with a special Grandson.  Yea...Happy Birthday to us! :)

Everyone loves Birthdays!!  But, several years back, when wrinkles and gray hairs became more noticeable, I wasn’t wanting any more birthdays. I wished I could stay living in my ‘prime’ years...getting older wasn’t looking like ‘Golden Years’ at all!  I’ve found it doesn’t help to fight it, or even ignore the birthdays....they still keep coming!  And I am grateful for that.

This Birthday year has brought with it new challenges, besides my newly acquired chemo side effects, Jim and I are experiencing old age and ‘mindlessness’ in a whole new way. Either he can’t remember something or I forgot to turn the stove off. We shuffle and weave when we walk and huff and puff as we go up the stairs.

But, even though it’s not what we would have planned, I think old age is a gift.  I like the person I have become.  By embracing each year.... all the wrinkles and gray hairs, physical and mental changes, we still have each other and lot’s of opportunities to spend time with family, grandchildren, friends and...yes, even is BLISS!

Birthday’s come and go.  It’s what we do in between each celebration that makes life really worth celebrating. So ‘live with abandon’.... forget your fears, find your faith and live!

Which brings me to another reason September is special for me.


Every year at this time, I go on a ‘Journey to Bethlehem’.  I start on my birthday and journey until Christmas.  It’s so spiritually uplifting and brings me so much JOY!  I look forward to it every year.

For my Birthday this year, I thought if would be amazing if you would go with me. So my Birthday Gift.... to an invitation to journey with me and experience a beautiful change that you will treasure forever.

I created this gift for someone else 5 years ago, but I loved it so much, that I make sure I experience it every year, at this time.

It is a gift that has changed me over and over. I would love it if you would venture with me.  Sometimes the smallest step in a right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  I encourage you to do this.... a Christmas gift you can give to yourself.

I know you are probably freaking out at the mention of Christmas and gifts right now, but you might thank me later....I have held it dear and haven’t shared it with a lot of people but, I’m thinking that you would probably enjoy it now.

So here is a brief explanation of what this Gift is...

The Gift I want to share, is a special invitation for you to ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ with me and anyone else who is desiring to find Truth and in the process, change their lives.  It’s for anyone who has a need to feel closer to the Savior and to their Father in Heaven. We all need that close relationship...that spiritual strength so we can navigate through the adversities in this life a little easier....and it can happen on this ‘Journey to Bethlehem’... a place where you will come to know Jesus.

“A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong.” ~ Unknown

If there are some men that are reading and want to join us, please do, the world needs strong men also.  This journey is for everyone.  It’s amazing to do as a couple or as a family.

This journey is for those that have been desiring to find enlightenment and direction to really know if there truly is a Son of God.

Like other journeys, this one requires preparation to begin and involves stepping out of the ordinary. The hope is that we will allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit as we journey to Bethlehem, the destination that will change our lives forever.  


Interesting side note. I was reading in my scriptures yesterday in 3 Nephi  Chapter 1:19-21;  “....and they knew that it was the day that the Lord should be born, because of the sign which had been given. And it came to pass, yea, all things, every whit, according to the words of the prophets. And it came to pass also that a new star did appear, according to the word.”

I find it amazing that, at this time each year, I’m reading wherever I am presently located in my daily scripture reading, and I always come across a verse or chapter like this one, that mentions that Christ was born. It’s like it’s giving me permission to begin my journey. ❤

I find it humbling and inspiring to experience for myself, a personal announcement that the Christ Child was born, just in time so that I can move forward to seek the truth of this miraculous event.

I have always felt a kinship to the Wisemen that traveled afar when they heard that the Christ Child was born, they set out on a journey to seek and find the Son of God. I like to think that if I would have been there, I would have also gone on that journey.

Have faith in this journey.  Everything that needs to happen will happen to get you where you desire to go. Every year I’m excited to see what new things I will learn and discover along the way. It’s usually something that I have been desiring to know or learn or experience. Miracles have happened! My experiences have strengthened my testimony; that there is a Son of God that came to this world with the light and knowledge we all need to be healed from our adversities and lifted out of darkness.


Today I’m giving just a brief introduction so you can prepare your hearts and minds for this journey. I will give you new things to think about and ponder with every Blog so that you will gain understanding and experience the miracles that you need in your life just in time for Christmas. A time when we will receive Him as our Lord and Savior.

It is a gift that has changed me over and over. I would love it if you would accept this gift.  Remember sometimes the smallest step in a right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  I encourage you to do this for yourself.... a Christmas gift you can give to yourself and your family.

Does anyone have any thoughts or feelings that you are willing to share that would help us prepare for this journey of discovery?

Think about Autumn and the beautiful changes that the world is experiencing at this too can experience some beautiful changes in your life.

Love to all, looking forward to next time, where we will take that first step. ❤