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Most of you that know me, know that my life has gone through some huge and amazing growing experiences and life changes the past six years. It has been so rewarding, I honestly feel blessed beyond measure.


A year into this experience, at Christmas time, I found myself pondering how accepting or embracing my challenges had given me ‘more’ than I ever thought possible....and, as I thought about it, I realized that my journey was so much like the journey that the Wisemen took to seek out the Son of God. It enlightened me so much that I have put together my thoughts and inspirations into a little ‘Journey To Bethlehem’ adventure to seek the Christ Child so that many others could experience the peace and joy that He brings into our lives.

In this WHISPERINGS BLOG last week, an invitation was extended to anyone, who desires change or healing in their lives, to step out of the ordinary and journey with us, as did the Wisemen of old, to come to a place where the Savior worship Him and receive the blessings we desire. (Matt. 2:1,2)

This ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ begins today, as the Saviors birth has been announced and we desire to find the truth of this miraculous event, for ourselves. (Luke 2: 6,7)

It is my hope that you have prepared properly so this journey can be most meaningful....even a season of enlightenment a season of peace and joy. The hope is that we will allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit to our desired destination. Our desire is to know in our own hearts, that there truly is a Son of God.


Everyone’s journey will be different even though our desires might be the same....we will be given the experience we need to strengthen our testimony, overcome our weaknesses, remove ourselves from bondage, or to lighten our burdens....we can overcome anything which may be holding us back from that which we truly desire.

If you have a dream or desire, it is necessary to go on this journey to fulfill that dream. If there is the slightest chance at getting something or having an experience that will make you happy, RISK IT! Life’s too short and happiness is to rare to not take the step to bring it to you.

It is told that when we find the Savior of the World, He will be the one that will bring miracles into our ordinary moments. He can heal our hearts and expand our understanding, and bring the peace and joy we are seeking. Therefore, our first step is to search our hearts and determine our ultimate ‘Desire’.

“....for I know that (a just God) ...granteth unto men according to their desire, whether it be unto death or unto life” (Alma 29:4)

You need Him. He is silently beckoning for you to come and discover Him. Your soul longs for Him, listen to your discontent, your longing, your emptiness, it is trying to tell you that there is more that God wants to give you, your search for more will lead you to a season of enlightenment, joy and peace.


We have a destination that we are focusing on, but we do not know what may lie ahead or what will be required of us. I liked Mila Bron’s approach to her journey, she said, “I am learning to trust the journey even when I do not understand it.”

As with all journeys, what we learn and discover along the way is of utmost importance and may be the very thing we are seeking.

Whenever Jim and I go on a journey or walk. We take our time, I like to see everything around me and take pictures, I like to touch it, smell it and put it in my pocket to take home and treasure it. Sometimes we never make it to the end because we are loving the experience along the way.

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination.” ~ Drake

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.


Pray and have faith that the desire you seek is the desire of the Lord for you....for He desires to fulfill our desires. “Wherefore, who so believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world...” (Ether 12:4)

About a year ago I was working in the Temple, and a young woman, who was very distraught came up to me and asked me a question that surprised me because, at that moment, I was seeking the same answers for myself. She was wanting to know what I do when there is something happening in my life that is hard and needs to be changed?

I was sitting in the Celestial Room reading scriptures and praying for answers to my life challenges. The scripture that was giving me the direction I desired was Ether 12. I suggested to this young woman that if she were to read it also, maybe she could find the answers she was seeking.

Sometimes our challenges are so over whelming that we begin to feel a hopelessness about the situation....we can’t see a way out.

But, because life is created to challenge us and give us opportunities to grow...we are sometimes brought down into despair, and in need of light, direction, strength and hope.

When we have no hope, we have no vision. We don’t know where to go, how to solve or endure the problems and challenges we face. Our connection with Heaven could fade away if we allow ourselves to get lost in the hurt, pain, confusion, fear and anxiety.

How can we overcome, heal and become whole?

For some, life might be going pretty good right now....we feel there is no need for a journey such as this....but beware, this is when contentment and pride start to pull us slowly away from the joy and happiness we’ve been given.

Our desires and focus should always be looking for reason or cause to seek out the One who can bless and deliver. Remember, He desires to fulfill our desires. Seek Him!


Like the people in the Book of Ether, we are constantly being given a trial of our faith by being pulled, pushed and driven away from great and marvelous things and the vision of hope, “....because they saw them not.” (Ether 12:5)

It’s so easy to become veiled over because of fear, doubt, concern, contentment, and lack of knowledge.

The young woman, at the Temple, wasn’t able to see beyond her struggle, and I was troubled with discouragement. We were both searching for hope, something to tell us we will be ok....that life can change.

So let’s Journey to Bethlehem, a fruitful place, a place where we will be fed and replenished...and a place where we will receive all that we had hoped for.

Come to Bethlehem, He is beckoning for us to come.


When we experience something it becomes a part of us. I hope you will pray and take the time to decide exactly what you really need from this journey. You have two weeks to come to a final ‘Desire’.

1- Because this is your adventure, you need to know why you are going on this journey.

- Ask yourself what does your heart need from this journey...what is your Desire? What miracle are you seeking?

2- I’ve never experienced a better read than the encouraging words in Ether 12, it helped me, that day....and many days since, to see there is hope that there are steps to take and a path to follow. I gained the faith I needed to make the necessary changes. I hope that the brave young woman, that walked over to me and asked for help, was able to see the hope that was waiting there for her also. Please read and ponder the passages there and allow the Lord to touch your heart and give you hope for all that you Desire.

3 - On your journal page, (given in the download) begin to draft out the thing that your soul yearns for, then listen for the whisperings along the way....write them down. You might be surprised at what your heart really wants. Open your heart and mind for this miracle. When we find the Savior, He will be the one to bring the miracle that you are seeking.


Titled: The Son of God

Your journey can be like the journey that the Wisemen took to seek out the Son of God.

Your desires and focus should always be looking for reason or cause to seek out the One who can bless and deliver. Remember, He desires to fulfill your desires. Seek to know the Christ Child so that you can experience the peace and joy that He can bring into your life.


1- This week I have a ‘Journal Page’ for you to download where you can write out the thoughts and feelings that will bring you to a knowledge of what your desires are for this journey. You can print off as many as you need.

2- I also have a ‘Journey To Bethlehem Map’ that will allow you to see where we are going and what you have to do to get there.


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